Business Strategy: Getting Things Done

What happens when you are close to fulfilling your dreams? Do folks around you cheer you to the finish line? Are you super sure of yourself and have no need of outside support? Do you begin to second guess your actions and motives?

Did you know that most runners who drop out of marathons do so around mile 20 to 22? After all the training, all the effort, what happens? Is it just too much on them physically? The research indicates that the reasons are mainly psychological. There are many explanations that include not being able to see the finish line, not having cheerleaders to tell them how close they are to the goal.

I'd like to add another ingredient into the explanation that might, just might apply to you. Think about whatever you want to achieve as a marathon. Getting the sales award, getting the promotion, getting the new home, getting the relationship that is right there in front of you.

Sometimes there is an old patterned refrain in your brain that keeps you from moving forward. It becomes a knot that is translated as "cannot, will not, not good enough, and not like me".

These patterned responses are there for super achievers, procrastinators, rebels, martyrs, and all the rest of the patterns you can read about in "Don't Bring it to Work". You may have been the "black sheep" in your family, the one who was always called the screw-up. You may have come from a family of folks who always saw the glass half empty and you learned that promises were really disappointments in disguise.

Take some time and draw a chart to see how many times you have almost gotten the brass ring on the merry-go-round of life and watched someone else walk away with the plum prize. Then look back at the messages you heard, the ones that were drummed in your dear little head about success, selfishness, limits, unattainability.

Better, go to my website and take the pattern aware quiz to see which patterns you can call you primary ones and give us a call, one of our facilitators will give you some free time to find the best way to stay the course and finish whatever race you want. Life is more fun for us when we win what matters to us. We're here waiting to hear from you!


Developing leaders and transforming teams is my speciality. I know that we bring the behaviors we learned in our original organization, the family, into our present work organization. I have worked globally and find that the core of relationships is much the same whether in California, China,or Chile. My book "Don't Bring It to Work (Jossey Bass) offers tools and strategies for developing collaborative work cultures and important core techniques for entrepreneurs. I am a speaker at national...

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