Leadership and Detours

My client was so cool when I called to tell him the road to his office was closed due to an accident and I had to take adetour.

He said “Ah,life’s detours are great for new learning. See you when you get here.”

So I put the radio to a music station and said to myself “detour means go down unfamiliar paths.” I really don’t like country music so I turned on a station where I could get about every fifth word to make sense.

The announcer told an old joke “Do you know what happens when you play a country song backwards?”

Well, do you?

“The guy singing gets back his truck, his job and his gal.”

I knew that!

However I started to think about the songs in a new light. They were by and for people who had hit a rough patch in life and often had to take a detour.

I got to my client and you know what, he was sogratefulfor the extra hour to finish a project he was in a great mood. I was there at lunch time and we decided to go to the new organic restaurant near his office.

We talked about detours and complaining and blaming and lemons into margaritas.

Next time the sign says “road closed,” put on some country music and enjoy the new road.


Sylvia Lafair PhD,is CEO of Creative Energy Options,Inc. is a Top 30 Leadership Expert with Global Gurus, Contributing Writer with INC.com, Business Consultant and Award Winning Author of Don't Bring It to Work, GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change, and UNIQUE: How Story Sparks Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement.

Dr. Lafair provides executives and entrepreneurs coaching and programs that build strong interpersonal communication skills, increase team effectiveness and achieve rapid growth.

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