Women in Business – Breaking “The Manly Myth”

So often, we women get tripped up by the way men have run our world. This isn’t surprising considering we’ve been taught by men that we must be aggressive and tough “go-getters” to be successful. We’re supposed to prove we can do business as good as a man.

Women are strong, but somehow there is a moment when women surrender to the “Manly Myth” and unknowingly say, “A woman’s way is not good enough”. We need to reclaim our integrity and show the world a woman has her own powerful ways. How will the world know just how capable we are unless we begin to do business as our authentic selves?

* What Are We Thinking? *

Really, what HAVE we been thinking? Men can’t possibly know the best way for us to do business. When we buy into this lie, we sell ourselves short of our potential.

Of course, there are successful women who have gone this route, but it has carried a high price. Many have had to compromise or sacrifice their true selves in the process. Are you sure you want to lose yourself in order to make more money? Yes, it may have worked for some, but what if there is a much better way?

* An Example Of Our Potential *

Business is dependent on relationship. If you talk to the average guy, he will admit women tend to be a little more connected in the relationship department. We think differently, we feel differently, and we certainly relate differently. In fact, I dare say that we’re generally much better at developing relationships!

If we are better at relationships, why would we follow a man’s advice in the relational aspects of business? Surely we could improve our business by using our creativity and developing our potential in this area. We don’t have to become hard and cold to achieve success, we can simply use our womanly wisdom to find another way.

* Breaking The “Manly Myth” *

It is time for women to rise up as we already are… powerful and able and comfortable enough in our own skin to do business “our way”. The simplest way to do that is to change our thinking.

What you think, you express. Don’t second guess your thoughts against the model men have provided. Allow your thoughts to flow creatively and then analyze them yourself. Begin to express those thoughts that line up with who you are as a woman.

I’m not talking about expressing your weaknesses here. Nobody needs to be at the wrong end of your PMS today! I’m talking about displaying your many positive strengths. Do what “feels right” instead of how you’ve been taught it “must be done”.

* Trust Your Womanly Instincts *

Make the decision to trust you have enough talent and wisdom to run your business effectively. When you recognize your greatness as a woman, you won’t need to emulate a man in business. You’ll create a better way of doing things and you will be able to enjoy being your true self at work.

Consider the possibilities if all of us women began to run our businesses with our best “womanly assets”. I see incredible strength balanced with wisdom, understanding, and integrity. Customer service will see a whole new level. And here’s the best part, you get to be “you” instead of pretending to be like a man!

Look out world… here come the women!

Copyright 2007 Tami M. Szabo


I coach Business Women and Entrepreneurs because I am passionate about seeing women achieve amazing things when they fully accept their true abilities. Business gives women a great opportunity to express their passions and purpose in a way that also brings financial rewards. I believe you are highly important as the foundation of your business. As you grow and unleash your true potential, you enable your business to do the same. You also empower those you lead. I do this personally as I co...

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