You ARE a GREAT Mother (even if you donít have kids)!

Within you lies a woman who is an incredible Mother. Yes, we’re talking about YOU!

Sometimes, you need to remember who you really are. The real you, the true fabulous Mother that you already are, is absolutely beautiful. She is full of love and completely capable of caring for and leading those she is entrusted with.

This nature of a Mother within you is a powerful leader and an intelligent woman. She does know what needs to happen and how it can effectively be done. This means you DO have the answers on how to make an incredible difference to your children.

This also means you have what it takes to lead others. The Mother in you has a purpose that extends past your home and into the world. That is why you often want more. Is it any wonder that women are the fastest growing group of Entrepreneurs?

Many Moms actually feel unnecessary guilt because they don’t realize their desire for more is simply the desire to Mother many. This is invaluable because the world needs more true Mothers! Perhaps this is why the gift of Motherhood is in all of us.

It’s true. Every woman has this amazing gift, including you. She already resides within you. Her passions and talents are already written on your heart. If you find yourself doubting or tripping up, then perhaps you haven’t accepted she is really there.

You sometimes struggle because you are forgetting the real you. You may be succumbing to fear, overwhelm, and feelings of inadequacy because you don’t fully believe she really exists. It’s easy to believe you’re not an awesome Mom when you find yourself making mistakes.

On the other hand, you know she is there. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be comparing yourself against her in other women. Where do you think the guilt comes from? You know you are capable of more, you’re just not sure how to make it happen.

Perhaps when you allow her to speak to you, you will begin to understand that you do not need to be fixed as a Mother. What you really need to do is simple. Allow your true nature to come forward and simply “be” the great Mother you already are.

Fear and guilt would melt away if you allowed yourself to express your true identity. Insecurity would be replaced by the motivation of authentic Motherly love. The focus would become those you feel called to care for, rather than concern over your own performance.

Imagine how free you would feel. Think of what it would be like if you allowed the blinders to come off and simply accepted yourself as a great Mother. You would be released into a new confidence to lead not only your own children, but others who need Mothering too. You would be more of who you want to be, simply by being all you really are.

Yes, it’s a simple truth, but it’s powerful. You are an amazing Mother. Isn’t it time you stepped into your destiny and used your talents to powerfully impact your many children?

Be released dear Mother… and change the world.

Copyright 2008 Tami M. Szabo


I coach Business Women and Entrepreneurs because I am passionate about seeing women achieve amazing things when they fully accept their true abilities. Business gives women a great opportunity to express their passions and purpose in a way that also brings financial rewards. I believe you are highly important as the foundation of your business. As you grow and unleash your true potential, you enable your business to do the same. You also empower those you lead. I do this personally as I co...

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