Business Opportunity from Home Ė Why Donít You Try Article Marketing

If you are running a business opportunity from home; any solid information on new marketing strategies can bring prophets to you. As any of your competitors, you'll need to stay head of the game and sell more product or service than what anyone else does.

Being in business for yourself, staying abreast of all the changes in technology as well as what your competitors are doing; can make for long days and hard work. A true entrepreneur is driven for success and always puts in that little bit more to make sure their success is reached.

Internet is a resource like nothing else and when you master the online marketing techniques, you will have your prospective clients or customers lining up in to do business with you. Isn't this ultimate desire of any entrepreneur who is running a business opportunity from home?

In this article you will be provide you with information on how to promote your website for free or for minimal charges using the article marketing techniques.

Expert SEO marketers say, unless you identify your target market, which is called a niche, don't even think of starting on your marketing campaigns. Why would you want to spend your precious time, investments and efforts on advertising to a segment of people who have absolutely no use for your products or services?

Once you recognize your niche market, you will need to find the appropriate keywords which are popular on the search engines and the ones which are related to your business opportunity from home. There are many online keyword tools which will pull out the information about the most popular keywords related to your niche.

Now again you might come up with a dilemma. The most popular keywords most definitely mean stiffer competition. Here again you will need to decide between facing the tough competition and beating them or trying to explore the grounds which are pretty much untouched. Often though, it will be the long tailed key words or even words that are spelled wrong that you will find easier to work up in the search engines.

The actual work:

By now you might have decided on what kind of business you want to run depending upon your keyword analysis.

You will need to create the contents by integrating the keywords in the right proportions. 3% to 5% of keyword density is considered to be healthy by many successful online marketers. Placing the keywords in the title, first and last paragraphs is also recommended by many internet marketing gurus. What a Google Search looks for. Keep Google happy and you will keep the other search engines happy.

The content is where you put the substance

You will need to submit your articles to the article directories or Ezines. Your articles must not be an advertisement for your business but rather information that is of value to anyone in your subject area. Anything that seems like an advertisement can get you banned from Ezine. The internet readers are tired of the advertisements which are and being flashed on their faces every time they visit a website.

If you provide them with the information with the real intention of helping them, they will be interested to associate them with your business. You'll need to keep submitting such articles regularly on the article directories. E-Zines are high traffic zones and you can draw a lot of traffic to your website from such places. Ezines and press releases are both extremely important.

As you can see, article marketing as a free or affordable option to increase your income. If you do not have the time or the talent to create the articles, there are thousands of freelancers who would be more than glad to assist you with that. Again a reminder, every Ezine must be completely original.

The Resource box:

The article is your gift to the reader and the Resource Box is where you get to sell yourself. This is where your website link or the URL comes in along with a couple of lines description about your business. If your contents are really good, the readers would really love to click on your website link in order to learn more about your business opportunity from home. If you are able to convert those leads as customers, your business is surely bound to grow. Also they may decide to do a feed RSS to their email system or web to follow you. This is good as it creates backlinks.





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