Online Business Success: Is Your Professional Brand Magnetic?

Magnetic branding is essential to the client attraction model for onlien business success. The key to developing a brand with magnetic appeal is to develop a clear and compelling brand message that appeals to the emotional intelligence of your target market.

Marketing your brand in multiple markets is only effective when two things occur.

  1. You communicate a high-level brand message that is authentic and compelling. Additionally, the message illustrates the transformation that occurs when clients and customers (ii) engage your business and (ii) take action. An effective high-level brand message is consistent and forms the basis of your positioning in each identified target market.
  2. You develop variations of your high-level brand message that contain language and imagery that are emotional triggers for each identified target audience.
Let's explore how a professional service company can use this strategy to attract both entrepreneurs and corporate clients:

  • High-Level Message: {INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME} helps our clients how to systematically attract and convert clients using online technology.
  • Entrepreneur Message: {INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME} teaches entrepreneurs how to maximize the time and energy spent chasing clients who are not ideal or ready to do business, using the power of online technology and social media. The primary benefit of working with us is having a PRECISE plan for building and expanding your business using the power of online technology.
  • Corporate Message: Stop wasting money on marketing campaigns that do note speak to the heart of your marketing platform. At {INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME}, we show corporations how to utilize the power of social media and online technology to engage and speak to the heart of your target marketing. People buy from people, not institutions. We can help you develop and communicate your company's personality, character and culture in a way that is both authentic and compelling.
Customizing your brand messages for different audiences is not difficult to do once you have in place a solid high-level message to serve as an anchor for your various brand messages.


T.C. Coleman, Esq. (Coach T.C.), UpwardAction® CEO, is a lawyerpreneur and magnetic branding strategist who is known as "America's Online Business Coach". She advises businesses, lawyerpreneurs and financepreneurs about how to leverage online business systems and social media to attract clients and increase revenue. Sign up for her popular eNewsletter for weekly strategies, tips and resources designed to help you build a magnetic online business that attracts your ideal clients and business opp...

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