Low And No Budget Home Based Businesses Any Woman Can Start Part Six

Your own home based business just may be the answer that you or a loved one needs in an inflationary economy. In many countries, people often consider service based businesses as beneath them, which luckily for you means that opportunities for low-cost, quick start up and tremendous growth abound.

Here are some more examples of businesses that require little or no up front money to open:

Apartment, New Home and Rental House Preparation (See also Home, Office and Business Cleaning)

Local real estate agencies that host rental properties often hire make ready services for their properties. The best thing about this job is the fact that they typically supply all the tools and materials needed to complete the job.

Large construction firms also need people to get the new homes they build ready to show.

Make ready services complete non-technical services such as cleaning, painting, and small handy work such as replacing door handles and light bulbs, power washing, washing windows or sprucing up the landscaping.

Talk with your local apartment complexes and real estate agencies. You may also consider placing an ad in your local newspaper as well.

Restaurant Delivery Service (See Also Children's Taxi Service and Personal Chef)

Restaurant deliverers, take orders by phone for local restaurants, go pick up the food, and then deliver the food to the office or home of the person wanting it.

The only thing you will need is the vehicle in which to transport the food.

You may want to consider a detailed flier stating the businesses you will pick up from, or a website that contains the complete menus of each. Talk with local businesses about possibly referring you to their customers.

By collecting a delivery charge and tip, the owner makes a substantial amount of money.

Sitter Companion Services for the Elderly And Disabled (See Also Babysitter)

In the modern age of aging Baby Boomers there are lots of caregivers out there who are trying to raise children while at the same time caring for a parent or other elderly or disabled relative.

Sitter companions are in huge, huge demand. A sitter companion comes into the home either on a daily, weekly or occasional basis and gives the primary caregiver a respite. Sometimes sitter companions work for one family on a full time basis. Other sitter companions are called in just to give the family an occasional day, night or weekend out. Sitter companions often do light housekeeping or usually prepare light meals in addition to keeping their charge company and watching out for their well-being.

You can advertise your services in a variety of ways, including fliers, businesses, senior centers and through your local Federal Agency on Aging, who will usually maintain a list of available sitters, and also provide free certification classes.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is simply the act of driving a person vehicle to a designated area to save the walk.

Local businesses may need valet parking at different times. You will want to contact then so they know that your service are available.

Businesses that offer event planning may also have an interest in your services and may call whenever you are needed.

No only will you receive a fee from the business for providing the service, but the majority of people who use valet parking will pay a tip as well.

Just let your local businesses that your services are available.


It is not wealth one asks for, but just enough to preserve one’s dignity, to work unhampered, to

be generous, frank and independent.

– W. Somerset Maugham (1874 - 1965) Of Human Bondage, 1915


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