Getting in the Flow

Getting in the flow is the same thing as being in sync or being in the zone, or whatever term you use to describe that situation when you are attracting positive energy to yourself and experiencing things going your way. We are surrounded by other people's energy fields as well as our own, constantly interacting, sometimes with positive results and sometimes with negative results.

You know when you meet somebody who makes you feel heavy shouldered and down, leaving you feeling blah? Or when you meet somebody who charges you with enthusiasm and feelings of bubbly happiness? You've been affected by their energy field. Whose field did you want to stay around? Now apply this to yourself. If you are in business or in a situation where interaction with people is important, which energy field do you think will best serve you?

Being in the flow isn't just about positive energy fields. When you're in the flow you attract other positive energies - which don't have to be "human" in nature. You may find a rare parking place in the busiest street in the city just where and when you needed it. You may have rung for a hair appointment just after someone had cancelled leaving the time you wanted available. You landed a new client with ease. You successfully finished a project and the client is so impressed he's giving you more work. Everything seems to go your way. Some people call it luck. I call it being in the zone or in the flow. Conversely, when you drive around for hours and have to park illegally and end up late for your interview, and can't get a hair appointment until after the important event you have to attend, and you lose a client and upset another... this is a definite sign that you are not in the flow!

It's very easy to say that to raise your vibrations so you can stay in the "zone" and attract positive people and experiences is simply a matter of positive thinking, but that doesn't really help you if you've never done it before. So one (of many) simple steps is to use creative visualization - imagine the positive experience and see it and sense it (in your imagination and in great detail) and have faith it will happen. (The faith is the hardest part.)

Before you get out of bed, spend a couple of minutes seeing your coming day in your head - see it how you want it to go. Many creative visualization experts suggest writing this vision down on paper instead (more powerful). Describe not only the details but also how you feel about it - happy, ecstatic, rich, etc.) Engage all your senses. If you can and it is appropriate, incorporate smell, touch, etc. Bring it to life in your imagination with rich imagery and engage all your senses. Feel yourself becoming excited... because what if it happens exactly like that?! And know that for many people who practice this technique, that is what happens.

Keep doing this every morning and keep a diary that you can complete at the end of the day, jotting down what you visualized and what happened for you. After a while you will notice more and more positive experiences coming to you... coincidences and synchronicities that go in your favor. You will start getting inspirations that will prompt you to do things at certain times that will turn out to be "lucky".

And if you don't believe this, that's fine... but you lose nothing by giving it a try and stand to gain a great deal when it works for you.


Business mentor Terri Levine specializes in helping entrepreneur-owned businesses achieve record-breaking growth. Based in Philadelphia, Terri is founder and CEO of Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc., The Professional's Coach Training Program. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNBC and MSNBC, and in more than 1,500 publications. She is a sought after public speaker and the best-selling author of Sell Without Selling, Coaching Is for Everyone and Stop Managing Sta...

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