What do I like about being a contract executive?

I recently had the opportunity to help a client showcase the incredible work that they are doing for other organizations that provide services in the same field. I have been with this client for several years, and my role as Project Manager has been a very small part of the work that they are doing. But the work that they are doing is very significant – some might call it ground-breaking, and they would not have been able to get there without someone helping them to stay on track. To me this is the best reward that a contract executive can ever get – a client that is significantly changing the way they work and I am helping them to do that.


The Osborne Group has been helping organizations succeed since 1993. Based in Toronto, Ontario, The Osborne Group provides a wide range of professional interim management, project management, and coaching and consulting services to small and medium enterprises, not-for profit organizations, and the public sector.

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