An Organic Leader Used Power Versus Force

"We are speeding up our lives and working harder in a futile attempt to buy the time to slow down and enjoy it."-Paul Hawken, U.S. entrepreneur and business author

"If only there was more time to get more done," has become as common and familiar a conversation as talking about the weather. There is an endless string of "to do's" without even having time to celebrate what has been accomplished. Acknowledgment of deeds well done is often overlooked. There are deadlines causing the deadening of senses, contracting potential and poor self care. Freedom from overwhelm is leading with power and not force.

In the fable of "The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs" the farmer discovers his goose lays golden eggs. Each day the goose produces a beautiful golden egg. The goose is no ordinary goose. It has exceeded the limitations of average geese by producing exceptional eggs made of gold. However, the farmer doesn't value the outstanding quality the goose is producing and wants more quantity.

Rather than take a leader approach to working with the goose to strategize new possibilities of maybe accumulating the golden eggs to build a "nest egg," for the future; or possibly looking at finding a mate that might produce an offspring of geese who inherit the production of the golden eggs gene, the farmer reacts to his unrealistic demands by killing the goose. What possessed him to kill the goose? In his limited thinking, he thought there were golden eggs hidden inside the goose and he would get them all at once!

The farmer lost out when trying to get more done in a shorter period of time, plus he didn't appreciate the quality of work the goose produced. The farmer was blind sighted with greed. The goose evolved to performance beyond expectations and ended up dead. Professionals who struggle to live up to another's expectations while forsaking their own dreams suffer mentally, emotionally, spiritually, often get sick and even die.

The farmer with his "command and control" leadership style demanded an output that wasn't in the nature of the goose. This style of leadership is restrictive. A better style is organic leadership, which originates leading from the inside out. Leadership from the heart that inspires is influential. It is not so much about technique and methods, or "you will do it my way or else" style.

Pushing, rushing, multi-tasking yourself and others is quantity not quality leadership! Organic leadership brings into being golden eggs that benefit the whole. Leadership mastery is accessed from within NOT from external doing, doing, doing. Leadership today stems from self-awareness; training others to lead themselves from their inner core. This style of leadership leads many golden egg producers.

You are an attractive leaderwhen you are present in the moment and use your senses to fully appreciate. Time is on your side when you use the power within and give up the struggle of trying to force outcomes. Be a happy goose doing what you do best and a farmer generating timeless golden eggs.

Remember - Anything is Possible!


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