Are You Unhappy Doing All the Right Things?

"The empires of the futures are the empires of the mind." -Winston Churchill Have you ever been in the spot where you were "suppose" to be happy? The place where everything is going right, but there is this gnawing feeling that just won't go away? You try to shake off the questionable feeling by drowning it with "doing," because it doesn't make logical sense to have this feeling of dissatisfaction when you are successful doing what you are doing. Plus what if what you are doing is really not what you are meant to do? Yet, it is zapping your energy doing what you are "supposed" to be doing.

We have become masterful at stuffing our gut feelings by doing. We are great "doing machines"! There is an unspoken ludicrous admiration to work longer hours, sleep less, multitask, and limit time with family/friends. These collective-consciousness agreements have substantial negative outcomes when done without relief. They affect health, well-being, relationships, and happiness.

A typical "doing machine" person is responsive to outer stimuli, which tells them to ignore their bodies and feelings. They are encouraged to keep pushing to limits they are not designed for. Feelings of wanting to rest, wanting to have more time with loved ones, wanting to have a balanced life are put aside with beliefs such as:

* I can't

* I don't have enough time

* I will lose my job

* I have to take care of others and not myself

* I can't because ______________________

* I won't because _____________________

Machines are tools without feelings and they are there to serve the purpose they were made to do. Without care and maintenance machines break down. Machines don't last forever nor do we.

Another type of "doing machine" personification is one who keeps repeating the same performance day in and day out without looking down the rabbit hole of their life to new creative possibilities. Human beings are not machines to be prisoners of limitation. It is not unusual to successfully reach a prescribed destination designed by society to bring prosperity and fulfillment only to question it upon arrival:

* "Is this it?"

* "I feel there is something missing!"

* "What is wrong with me?"

"He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever." -Chinese proverb

Tips to Be on Your Right Success Track:

* When you follow your own truth you will begin to attract people, events and things to create synergistically. This collaboration will expand your vision beyond what you can do individually. Wouldn't you rather be doing what you are passionate about in an environment wherein you grow as a leader among others growing in their self-leadership?

* Start looking at new perspectives with resources outside of you. If you depend on yourself to get answers, without bringing in new resources and developing new practices, you are bringing the past into the present. Get a coach and/or mentor to help guide you to what you don't know you don't know! You are the possibility of greatness.

* Make time to be in action with something on your "someday list." You know the list! It is the one that is tucked away in the drawer to do someday. Do something that you want to do, not because it is a "have to." The "have to" list is often a delay to stay in the comfort zone of your habits. Doing something you enjoy will start to develop new brain neuronets and energize you.

* Each life experience is brought to you to learn not only how "to do," but to expand self-awareness in your potential. Are you taking the limiting route by following or are you taking the path you are meant to travel by activating your creativity to lead from your truth?

* Remember: Anything is Possible! What is your possibility?

"Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Theresa-Maria (“TM”) Napa – of Right Track Coaching - is dedicated to helping professionals and executives increase their winning percentage while taking fewer steps and producing better results. Her career has included positions as executive assistant, vice president of operations, director of marketing & administration, and business owner with substantial experience in leadership, marketing, client development, and execut...

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