Leaders Connect to Their Genius From What They Donít Know

"Everyone has the power of greatness, not for fame but for greatness, because greatness is determined by service." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your continuous success professionally and personally is available at all times and right where you stand. Due to life's demands and detours it may have eluded you. Mega success is within reach. It never goes away, always at your disposal and ready when you are.

First you must acknowledge its whereabouts. Second, you must become knowledgeable of the strategies successful organic leaders used to master it. Third, you must practice to master its endless resource of possibilities. Once you do, you will gain amazing success easily and effortlessly. The answers are simple, but like the saying goes: "To get to Carnegie Hall, it takes practice, practice, practice."

The vast majority of individuals operate from what they already know based on personal knowledge, experiences, values, and beliefs attained throughout their growing years. They see the world through lens colored with their limiting perspectives.

Organic leaders consciously or unconsciously have a vision that is bigger than them. They ask questions beyond what they know and what is universally known. Their inquiries stem from curiosity. One of the questions may start with: "I wonder."

For example Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille system, may have asked himself: "I wonder what it would be like for the blind and visually impaired to be able to read and write??"

Or what about the vision of Asa Griggs Candler, (1851-1929), when he bought a formula from John Pemberton who invented the formula for medicinal purposes? Candler turned that formula into Coca-Cola! Candler's vision led Coke to its dominance in the world. For his investment he became an American tycoon. His financial success allowed him to become a major philanthropist.

Or do you think Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart while composing any of his 600 plus works may have asked himself a hundred times over, "I wonder what it would sound like if ______?"

Organic leaders are visionaries with a higher purpose. They are willing to explore and experiment by tapping into the Universal Intelligence of possibilities. It is the unfamiliar where the "what you don't know you don't know" resides.

Operating from what you already know and what you know you don't know is limiting because it has you use familiar resources. What you already know is self-explanatory. You know what you know! What you know you don't know is evident when for example; you speak a particular language and know you don't know how to speak an unfamiliar language; or a CPA who doesn't know how to perform cardiac surgery.

Organic leadership naturally evolves into a future with a vision from the field of what you don't know you don't know (DKDK). Accessing the DKDK area doesn't require a degree or special knowledge. It necessitates an environment encouraging new thinking fostering insights to a desired outcome.

Thoughts going over the same material with the same solutions expecting new results are foolish and unproductive. It lacks creativity and vision using stale ideas from the past. Thoughts are powerful when designing a vision by creating a future from the future. Trying to reach unprecedented abundance from past results while the future is asking for change is a waste of time and energy.

Tips to reach your unique DKDK Universal Intelligence

• Create an environment that encourages creativity. Think about the times when you have come up with ideas that surprised you. Some of the places where my clients have had aha ha insights have been while taking a bath/shower, walking, exercising, meditating, journaling, listening to music, mind mapping, taking a break from the problem, or a combination of these methods.

• Stay away from crazy-makers who hold you back with their negativity. It can be difficult enough believing in yourself to fulfill a vision that is outside the ordinary without having others tear it down.

• Creating a future from a future is new territory. Visualizing the possibilities of your dream with as much details and benefits starts creating new brain patterns as if it already happened.

• The more you affirm and take action to build your desire for something better you will attract opportunities to assist you.

• Organic leaders flow with the ups and downs because they realize that there are new bridges to build which may or may not support the vision. Without risk transformation is detoured back into trying to play it safe. The past no longer exists.

• Choose a vision that you truly love and is important to you. Listen to your inner spirit and body language for answers to what is your destiny. Mozart said: "Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love is the soul of genius." You are a genius!

• Be curious with DKDK. Have fun with DKDK and create from nothing. Don't let the past be your future. You already know what you know. Look to someone you admire. Pretend you are them. What would you be doing and why?

• Transform, lead and love and anything is possible!


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