Leadership Coaching – Is It Right for You and Your Business

"Coaching will become the model for leaders in the future...I am certain that leadership can be learned, and that terrific coaches...facilitate learning."-Warren Bennis Professional training in the Information Age centered on the learner memorizing knowledge and then applying what was taught to the specialized field they pursued. To reach upper levels of leadership the path was to perform your role better than others and work your way up the ladder in a linear fashion. Leadership came from the top down. It is known as the command and control model.

In the command and control leadership environment coaching isn't generally viewed as an essential part of the training. The purpose of the employee is to work toward the vision of the company/organization they are engaged in with little regard for self-leadership development. However, we have been moving from the Information Age to what Daniel Pink, author of "A Whole New Mind," calls The Conceptual Age, which requires a new way of thinking to keep pace with the ever-changing environment.

Within the last decades of the 20th century, coaching began to appear as an asset to help individuals successfully navigate through the quagmire of changes taking place at work and home. The old system of following the leader started being transformed by leaders teaching others self-leadership within the circle of influence of the individual. Leadership development from the bottom up began to spring up to create teams of leaders.

For individuals and organizations to excel it is necessary to develop competencies and behaviors outside of the familiar. Coaching is one of the best investments an individual and business can make as a resource to transcend through the fast pace happening in today's world.

The power of the coaching relationship is based on the ability of the coach to hold the client's bigger picture agenda, while coaching through the everyday happenings toward the larger vision. Some of the lasting results a coaching client can expect are:

  • Long-term excellence in performance by connecting inner motivational forces and outer strengths; thereby stimulating action to produce exceptional outcomes.
  • Confidence as a leader and team member in the contribution she/he makes in bringing about the vision of the whole enterprise.
  • Influential leadership grows through disciplines of self-leadership, which are learned throughout the coaching relationship.
  • New competencies are developed which are necessary to play a bigger game. Without new competencies one is playing the same game over and over again.
  • Employee retention of top performers is maintained, which is a big savings to an employer.
  • Fulfillment, success and security increase dramatically.
Presently there is an emergence of a conceptual age fostering "high touch" and the breaking into using your imagination and creativity as resources to materialize the lifestyle and career you want. This is the evolution of discovering you are smarter than you think!

Information overload has dramatically neglected the development of imagination and the use of the right side of the brain. Think of all the resources you have used to gather information to do what you do. How many of those resources actually stimulated your genius? Yes, you are more brilliant than you believe! And having the right coach with your willingness to explore your potential will awaken your brilliance.

Whether you want to excel at what you are presently doing or make a transition to something different, you can access the untapped part of your brain to higher levels of creative intelligence. Before something takes form, it takes creativity. Look around you. Everything you see, touch and hear started with an idea. Today's ideas are going beyond functional, which gives you the competitive edge and leadership necessary to keep pace today.

In the Information Age you were taught to memorize the data and then put it to use in your work and home life. Today you need to stretch yourself by developing your imagination to reach the horizons you are meant to reach.

In developing new competencies in self-leadership you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. After all - Anything Is Possible!

"Design correctly harnessed can enhance life, create jobs, and make people happy-not such a bad thing."-Paul Smith, Fashion Designer


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