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"Have I dreamed of late; of the person I want to be. Have I renewed of late; my vision of the world I want to live in; my dreams shall not crash down. My visions go not glimmering. So long as I have breath, I know I have the strength to transform what I can be to what I am.” – Unknown

Life is full of uncertainty. We try to put things in place, have some control and put trust in others to be there through the good and bad times. We want security and stability. We follow the rules and guidelines to have more certainty.

Professionally we go through the protocol of getting an education aimed at getting a career that we enjoy with an income to take care of our expenses and build security. Along the way stuff happens. Maybe higher educational goals were interrupted due to circumstances beyond your control or the job you had your heart set on didn’t pan out. Or you got to the top of the corporate ladder only to be downsized. Or maybe an illness stopped you in your career track.

Today, change is showing up globally like a volcano that has been merely spewing smoke and now has erupted. The signs were there. The “too good to be true” mortgages with little or no down payment; credit card accessibility used with promises that the user would pay them off in the future, yet the debt just kept mounting to outlandish proportions; trying to have it all by working harder and longer with little time left over to develop relationships and self care. With all the stress internally and externally it was inevitable for the bubble to burst.

Whether your bubble has burst or not, we are all affected by the global negativity. We look toward leaders to solve the multitude of crises going on locally and worldwide. That solution is only part of the answer to turn chaos around. Servant leaders need leadership from followers. You are a leader and part of the synergistic result to a better way.

Within every crisis are opportunities to build new leadership strategies for the good of your immediate community and to make a difference in the world. Believe me the Universe knows how to get your attention to wake you up to the self-awareness of your brilliance.

This is your time to shine brighter and create the world you want. It begins where you are drawing on your creativity and resolve that you will NOT back down due to fear of the unknown. You are creative, resourceful and whole!

Questions on where to begin:

1. What are your unique talents?

2. If you were to be fully engaged showing up applying your talents, how would you feel?

3. What is your intuition (not your inner critic) telling you to pursue to be part of the solution?

4. What’s stopping you?

Tips on where to begin:

1. If you are not sure of what talent to pursue to be part of the change you see, look back into your history to search for interrupted dreams. Life takes over and dreams get tucked away waiting to be awakened.

2. You are a leader. You got where you are successfully. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. You haven’t walked in their shoes and they haven’t walked in yours either. You are always evolving.

3. Play a bigger game and don’t let fear rob you of the leader you are meant to be. No matter what you do in life, you get to lead.

4. Doing what inspires you makes a big difference and attracts the best in you and others.

5. In your imagination start rehearsing the change you want with images of positive possibilities. If you keep thinking about the worse possible scenario, then you give the negative more power to attract more negativity.

6. Remember – Anything is Possible


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