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You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own."

--Mark Victor Hansen

I love autumn. It brings endings and it offers new beginnings. There are so many changes going on with geese flying to warmer climates, leaves giving us an array of brilliant color to feast our eyes upon before winter, and the weather getting cooler adjusting us for the colder weather ahead. It is the time to harvest the goodies from the seedlings that were planted earlier in the year.

The other day I heard on the radio that autumn is the new New Year! It makes sense when you think about it. Our educational system is set up so that autumn represents new beginnings – new hopes – new relationships - new structures and, of course, learning. Registration in the fall includes grammar school, high school, college, graduate school, adult education school and other sundry programs. Yes, there is winter, summer, and spring classes, but the majority of educational systems begin in the fall.

I think fall is a great time to re-evaluate and take an inventory on the successes and challenges of the year to date. Here are some questions and tips to ponder in the remaining months of the year.

Questions hold the answers:

What was it that you were looking forward to having accomplished by the end of the year? Professionally was it looking to play a bigger game worth playing, taking fewer steps with bigger results, finding a new career, or becoming a stronger leader? Personally was it to take better care of your well being, having more leisure time, doing more of what you love, and/or having more loving relationships? Maybe it was all of the above and more!

• What dreams are taking shape?

• What changed for you this year?

• What did you learn?

• What needs to be readjusted?

• What goals still linger waiting to be reignited and gotten back on track?

• How are you going to get there?

TIPS for the New New Year:

1. I think that fall can definitely be looked at as the “new New Year.” Actually you can begin a New Year at any time. However, the fall brings with it added collective energy that we can hook into to actualize our hopes and dreams. Connect with that energy and soar!

2. Take time – make time – whatever you have to do to reflect and sort out what worked and didn’t work. I am in the process now of seeing what worked, what didn’t and readjusting my strategies for a healthier business and a healthier me.

3. Courage – have the courage to be open to letting go of attachments to expectations. For example, I re-evaluated my networking strategies and moved in new directions. I looked at the evidence of what worked and what didn’t work.

4. Don’t be a loner – We all have blind spots. Fresh perspectives and new methods offer tremendous rewards. Clients I am working with are expanding their awareness and having increased performance with less stress.

5. See yourself at the end of the year already reaching your goals. What are the milestones you took to reach your goals? Write milestones down – focus on them – take action – get support in your process.

6. Read some non-fiction for relaxation and stirring up your imagination.

7. Do one thing today that you have been putting off that gets you over the hump to reaching the success you seek.

As you plan for the rest of the year remember “Anything Is Possible.”

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