Leadership Tip - Moving Beyond Fear Into Your Leadership Role

"I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love and abundance. Then, whenever doubt, anxiety, or fear try to call me, they will keep getting a busy signal - and soon they'll forget my number." - Edith Armstrong Nature has its storms and calm seasons. Human beings react to natural disasters very differently than man-made catastrophes. I doubt that there is anyone who isn't familiar with nature's roar which transpired around the world in the last few months; for instance: Hurricanes strikingeverywhere, Tropical Storms walloping different coastal towns, wild fires burning out of control in California, major earthquakes and tsunamis in Indonesia and Samoa.

Most of the survivors were grateful they were alive and declared they would rebuild and start over again. Volunteers, neighbors, family, friends, global helping hands came to help without even being asked. Why? Because it was the natural thing to do. Nature after a forest fire grows new seedlings to rebuild itself. You see it in the seasons: Autumn has its falling leaves, winter's trees go barren, spring brings promise of new beginnings, summer blooms and the cycle begins again. Nature does what is natural without fear! It is not unusual that human beings respond to change with fear.

The media is bombarding the airwaves with tragic news regarding one financial collapse after another. Fear is being felt throughout the world as a result of fallen financial markets. Reacting to life on the terms of FEAR is giving one's power away. Remember FEAR is "false evidence appearing real." There are facts and then there are actions you take from what your heart knows is true. Your heart speaks the truth. It is your mind filled with fear that takes you deeper into despair. You are a leader who is needed now to rise above circumstances and not let circumstances define you and your actions. Within you is your natural organic fearless self.

What I believe is happening in the world with the financial crisis is the nature of man to rebuild its consciousness through organic leadership. Organic leadership is based on your natural strengths, talents, and purpose. When you come from authenticity you are more influential to attract the change you desire. It is necessary to be responsible for the change you desire and take action.

Dreams without action are wishful imaginings. Waiting for someone else or something else to transcend the financial crisis is poor judgment and lack of confidence in your ability to contribute to the change to turn the circumstances around. Nature doesn't wait to transform. It follows what is its nature to do. You are more powerful than you know. It is your nature to evolve and transform. Listen to your heart. Your head is full of contradictions and fear. You were created with natural abilities and an internal compass that guides you toward a particular focus for your life. That's only the starting point; the next step is yours. You have an obligation to expand that potential to its ultimate destiny.

Question Hold the Answers:

  • What motivates you to take action when challenged?
  • What fears stop you in your tracks?
  • What is the lie that keeps you from moving forward toward your potential?

  • If you are procrastinating in taking action, it may be because you are getting stuck in the how. Take action with even the smallest step each day. Follow by other small steps. The world needs you. Every positive action makes a difference
  • Catch your negative thinking and send it out, replacing it with positive affirmations. Change requires new perspectives, new paradigms.
  • Don't be fearful of failure. Count on it. You will fail. If you already knew how to do it, wouldn't you be doing it?
  • Remember: Anything Is Possible - you are the possibility of love, transformation and leadership!


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