Leadership Tip - Stop Choking Dreams With Fear & Doubt

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Most people walk around with submerged dreams filled with fear and doubt.

We all have dreams of something better: A better career, a better relationship, a better environment, a better lifestyle, a better financial portfolio, or whatever we want to improve in our life. Just because we want something better doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with what you have - it just means you are following the natural course of life.

You are meant to evolve and grow. Nothing, nothing stays stagnate. Yet most people keep trying to get something better using the same thoughts and skills from the past.

I believe that better is not from making the past or present wrong, but from what you are naturally born to do – grow! Growth is what you are meant to do in a way that expresses your calling. It is the instinctive feeling that wants to be expressed in a leadership capacity.

Even as a follower, what is the leadership role you are taking? Are you following to learn; or are you following to take the road of less resistance?

When you are not growing intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually you are following the path of least resistance – the past. When you are bringing your past into your future, you are regurgitating the past expecting new results. When you are not growing, where are your dreams?

Dreams of something better can easily get clogged in the recycle bin of past. But remember recycling is creating something new just like recycled paper and plastic turn into new uses that benefit mankind. When you recycle your past into creating a new future you take with you what works, you look at what needs to be learned to achieve your new future and who you need to be to achieve the future and leadership role you are meant to do, be and have.

The biggest obstacle to choking your dreams is fear. Fear of the unknown – fear that you are too old, too young, not smart enough, limited by a handicap, or whatever is your limiting belief. Even in sports like golf and bowling there are opportunities for the lesser talented players to win – they are given a handicap! Think about that for awhile!

Questions to Unclog Your Dreams:

1. What is it you want to have better in your career?

2. Where do you see you could make an impact using your leadership skills?

3. What new skills or education are required to advance you toward fulfilling your dream job?

4. Who do you have to be to recycle the past into a future that expresses your true nature?

Tips to Recycle Your Past Into a Compelling Future

• Make a list of 100 things you want to have without worrying about the how, the money, or time to have any of the things listed. Pick three that would make your life better and resolve to have them in the coming year.

• Get the dust off your imagination by pretending you have the career you want by looking at role models you aspire to become.

• Notice the leadership qualities, habits, personality and style of leaders you admire. Then take to task what you must put into practice to become a stronger and better leader.

• Make a list of 100 habits and/or traits that are important for servant leadership. Pick three that you need to recycle into being a better leader.

• Recycle the past into a future worth striving and growing toward. You are meant to be the leader of your life.

• Remember - Anything is Possible!


Theresa-Maria (“TM”) Napa – of Right Track Coaching - is dedicated to helping professionals and executives increase their winning percentage while taking fewer steps and producing better results. Her career has included positions as executive assistant, vice president of operations, director of marketing & administration, and business owner with substantial experience in leadership, marketing, client development, and execut...

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