Leadership Tip - The Diamond Essence of Leaders

“Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself – and thus make yourself indispensable.” --Andre Gide (1869-1951) French winner of the Nobel Prize in literature.

Where does the power to lead come from? It certainly doesn’t come from outside of you. To keep looking for someone else to make you look good, or to look to be handed a leadership position because you have an impressive resume doesn’t cut it. To seek what you want outside of you with a pseudo personality may get you in the door, but probably out the door within a short period of time.

The irony is that the power to lead effectively and be a winner is at your immediate disposal. You hold the gem to your success. It is the essence of your being. It is what you are called to do. You might say, “I don’t know what it is I am supposed to do. How do I find what it is that I am here to do, be and have?” These are eternal questions. The answers are available, but it does take work on your part to unearth the gem that resides within your essence.

Your leadership gem is like unearthing a diamond from below the Earth’s crust. Diamonds are the hardest naturally forming material on Earth. They are formed beneath the continental crust from pure carbon. With the right amount of pressure and heat, carbon is transformed into diamonds.

Diamonds are formed over millions and millions of years deep within the Earth’s crust by incredible pressure of at least 435,113 pounds per square inch of pressure at depths of around 100 miles. They take shape in temperatures in the range of 750-2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Most diamonds we see today are millions if not billions of years old.

Diamonds got their name from the Greek word for invincible. Each diamond is unique with its own special qualities - just like you. They are renowned for their beauty, strength and durability.

Imagine you are a diamond surfacing as the organic leader you are meant to be. Leaders show up in all walks of life. They are teachers, public officials, mothers, fathers, CEO’s, dentists, etc. In other words, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you have the opportunity to lead with radiance and authenticity.

I'll bet that there are times you felt that there was no way to make it. Maybe you lost your job, or you failed at something (who hasn’t). Perhaps you lost a loved one, filed bankruptcy or survived a life threatening disease. But you made it through. Build that strength facet to develop your organic leadership talent. Know you are strong, durable, a pleasure to be with, and invincible! The carbon in the right environment knows its essence to become a diamond and no matter how long it takes, it surfaces and is what it is meant to be - a diamond. It's time for you to surface and evolve into the servant leader you are meant to be.

The power within you knows the limitless diamond-in-the-rough facets you are born with are ready to come to the surface and take shape. There is no one with your unique brilliance. Like the diamond reaching the surface, it takes knowingness, faith, trust, belief, patience, persistence, determination, and a favorable environment to be true to your calling.

Organic Leadership Questions:

• Where in the past have you overcome a difficulty that caused you much concern?

• When was the deciding moment you forged ahead?

• When the going gets tough, do you rise to the occasion seeing possibility; or do you feel sorry for yourself keeping underground as a victim? Which is more productive and brilliant?

• When you have been successful in spite of negative circumstances, what inspired you to keep going?

• Where in your personal and professional leadership are your strengths?

• How can these strengths now serve you and your environment?

Organic Leadership Tips:

Within you are many diamond facets, unique only to you, that are ready to surface and shine.

To reach a clearer understanding of your facets, create the right environment. The diamond needs the right environment to reach its potential. Part of that right environment is your mind. If in your mind you are holding thoughts of doubt, fear, or self pity, it's time to change your environment.

Your next facet to follow often speaks to you in whispers, such as your intuition or a nagging feeling, but you ignore it. Then it speaks louder with warnings appearing around you, such as uncomfortable relationships at work and home, but you ignore them too. Then something major will happen, such as broken relationships or financial woes and if you ignore these as well, you will keep getting the same results, unless you pay attention to what is calling you forth in being the difference that makes the difference.

Daydream what it would be like to have what you want – start believing it, take action on it. Even small baby steps are a beginning. Without beginning with new daydreams, you are reacting to old habits and patterns. New beginnings require organic leadership in whatever you do and whoever you be in the matter.

Remember – You are the difference that makes a difference and Anything Is Possible!


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