Look for Dangers and Opportunities Within your Inner Voices

When written in Chinese the word ‘crisis’ is composed of

two characters – one represents danger and the other

represents opportunity
.—John F. Kennedy

Finding your inner “Big I” voice lost among the “little I’s” chatter

We all have inner voices directing us what to do and how to do it. They

are recordings of beliefs and perspectiveswe have developed throughout

the years
. These recordings can be beneficial and others not so beneficial.

Buried beneath these inner voices are other voices, I call the “Big I’s” of Self.

These are the jewels from which to choose and grab onto when you want to

change from where you are to where you want to be.

The “little I’s” of self usually are stuck in the status quo of the past. They

aren't interested in taking risks. Rather than change, even when

circumstances are miserable or just getting by,people are strangely

comfortable in the uncomfortable
. That’s because of familiarity with

what to expect. We are creatures of habit.

But life has a way of waking us up, even when we stubbornly adhere to

unfavorable existing circumstances. Something will happen to get your

attention. It may be a small bump on the head, like being overlooked for a

promotion. You complain while going about your business as usual.

Then comes a bigger strike to the head, like getting fired, and you are forced

to look for something new. You are paying too much attention to the “little I’s”

andremain oblivious to the signs until something forces change.

The good news is doesn't have to get to the point of losing something before

you are ready to give it up.The “Big I” voices have the answers. They may

be the voice of Potential, Explorer, Leader, Compassion, Talented, Non-

judgmental, etc. As you explore you will become acquainted with how the

“little I’s” have become misguided thinking they are the Big I’s – the authentic


Just because you explore change, doesn't mean you throw the baby out with

the bath water, but it will give you more information to make a decision. And

quite often exploration will generate new viewpoints to see how and who you

have to be tomake your career and life better just right where you are.

If we continue to play the same “little I” recordings without creating our future

from the treasure chest of intuitive “Big I” voices buried beneath the “little I’s,”

we lose the opportunity to know the possibilities of our soul's destiny.

He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity

loses the prize as surely as if he had failed
.—William James

2 Tips to Explore, Express and Excel

(1) Each week take a 1-2 hour time-out to explore anddo something you have

been wanting to do
, such as visiting a museum, take up swimming, or signing

up for a class outside of work. This is something out of your regular routine.

If you keep doing what you are doing and expect something to change, it is

foolishness. Sodon’t be a fool.Be wise andtreat yourselfto time-out. This treat pays off in dividends!

(2) Make a list of what matters to youand why it is important (be it person,

place or thing). With each item notice what you feel and the importance it

plays in your life. Give thanks and appreciation for it being in your life.

Appreciation and love attracts more of it.


Theresa-Maria (“TM”) Napa – of Right Track Coaching - is dedicated to helping professionals and executives increase their winning percentage while taking fewer steps and producing better results. Her career has included positions as executive assistant, vice president of operations, director of marketing & administration, and business owner with substantial experience in leadership, marketing, client development, and execut...

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