Tap Into Possibility - From Romance to the Dance

"To run this business...you need...optimism, humanism, enthusiasm, intuition, curiosity, love, humour, magic and fun, and that secret ingredient - euphoria."-Anita Roddick (1942-2007) British founder of The Body Shop

Whether it be in relationships with significant others or starting a new career you are passionate about, the presence of love and enthusiasm fill you with intense emotions. Initially, there is an exhilaration that has you beaming from head to toe. The allure of discovering the unknown is enticing. The newness, the freshness, the beating of a joyful heart, the willingness to have new experiences are some of the attributes to the dance of romance. Tapping into awareness of possibilities that may have been out of your radar have risen to the top of your priorities.

Along the path it is not unusual to experience heartbreak, which can crush even the most diligent person committed to having it all work out. One can feel like a loser and become a victim to circumstances. In your mind you may put all the blame on someone or something else. Or you may take another harsh road by placing the blame on yourself. Regardless where you put the blame, it doesn't serve you to put energy in that scenario.

Romance is something that most seek to recapture from the first time it is experienced. It certainly is understandable since it arouses us hormonally and brings to the surface the desire to love and be loved. The sparkle of the experience illuminates the imagination promising continuity, until all hell breaks loose...the past! Because the unfamiliar is uncomfortable and the mind up to the present has been trained from the past, decisions unconsciously go to the familiar.

Past beliefs and habits challenge change. While experiencing transformation you may take several steps forward and one backward due to the momentum change has created. But as the pace slows down, uncertainty with the "how's" cloud the transcendence you are embarking upon. You start responding to the fears of the ego and you are taking two steps forward and one to two steps backward. Before long the romance of a new job or relationship fades into routine. Life becomes dull! It is a slippery dance keeping romance alive.

I use the term "romance" here to open and feel in your heart what is important to you and to get in touch with what is calling you forth to a higher level of yourself, rather than repeating the past as you move into your future.

Questions to Open Up Pathways to Daily Romance

  • 1. Using romance as a metaphor for living life fully engaged doing what you love, what is important to you?
  • 2. As you go through your daily actions, which of them are you inspired to do?
  • 3. What daily actions do you do with a feeling of "should" rather than feelings of joy?
  • 4. What if you were willing to open up to a new dance of romance, what would it feel like?
Tips to Choreograph Romance in Your Life

You can begin to attract more romance in your daily activities by choreographing the type of dance you want with various modalities. You get to pick and choice the music, the style, your dance floor, the orchestra, the rhythm, the vocals, etc. Begin to write down the feelings you would have dancing to music choreographed by you.

I love using metaphors for visualizing my goals. Metaphors have the gift of freedom to imagine without worrying about the "how's" and putting the ego on the side. Create your own metaphor that inspires, motivates and touches you to transcend in your own calling.

Simple acts of gratitude and kindness attract love.

Stop - take a deep breath and appreciate the air you breathe, the water you drink, the possibilities that are open to you and who you are as a possibility.

Take a stand for yourself through listening and taking action to be all you are meant to be. Learn how to go deeper within on the path of being love and attracting more love.

It is never too late to bring romance into your life. Choose to begin new patterns and beliefs regardless of the stage of life you are in. Come from an "I can" versus "I can't" frame of reference.

Taking care of yourself is a priority. If you aren't taking the time to care about yourself, then who will? Begin to give yourself permission to take more loving care in your relationship with yourself. Not in a narcissistic manner, but from self-care and being responsible to attract the life you want.

One of the best ways to help guide you in attracting what you want and training you to access the power within you is to have a coach and/or mentor. Lone rangers don't more attract love, they repel it by refusing to let it in.

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."-Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Irish playwright, novelist, and poet

Remember: Anything is Possible!


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