The Power of Certainty is Extra Special in Getting Extraordinary Results

Who among you can climb more than one mountain at a time? Visualize that if you can! Imagine having one foot on one mountain and the other foot on a different mountain with the intention of reaching both mountain tops. Pretty ridiculous wouldn't you say! How can you be certain you will reach the summit of either mountain when you are divided? Yet a folly that threatens many is to try and prove that more than one mountain can be climbed simultaneously! - how? By multi-tasking!

There is underlying bravado in being part of the world that acknowledges multi-tasking. Driving and being on the cell phone; answering the cell phone while in a face-to-face conversation with someone else; allowing unimportant situations to interrupt while working on a project, thereby breaking concentration; answering text messages while at meetings, etc.

Multi-tasking has its advantages - such as cleaning the breakfast table and watching/listening to the TV or walking and listening to your iPod. These combined actions seem to go together, like Oreo cookies and milk.

Climbing your mountain isn't about multi-tasking. It is going up one step at a time. It takes certainty - attitude - focus - skills - desire - planning - correct action - and support. Multi-tasking muddles navigating to the top. It resembles jumping from one mountain to another. Most of us are performing various roles in our lives. Those roles make up our mountain. Sometimes it feels like we are pushing a boulder up the mountain. One of the ways to get rid of the boulder is to STOP to get a clearer picture of the cost in trying to climb multiple mountains. Create and attract those places, people and events that support you and bring certainty as you move up to the top of your mountain.

" The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." Charles Dubos


For a week make a list each day of when you were multi-tasking. How did it serve you? How did it serve others?

For example, if you were in a conversation with someone and you stopped to answer you phone, which could have been handled after your conversation (not everything is an emergency or life and death deal), how was the person being served by the intrusion?

Were you truly a fully present listening supporter for them or was your mind full of chatter of what you had to do next? Or did you stop and were fully present when you on the phone with someone? Or were you checking email at the same time you were talking?

Practice being fully present to what you are doing in a way that others feel your authenticity. It will make a huge difference in making your mountain climbing easier. Join RTC for our f'ree teleclass to bring more certainty to the trek up your mountain.

And always remember: Anything is Possible!


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