You Can Compute Success and Turn Circumstances into Opportunities

"Yesterday's success formula is often today's obsolete dogma...We must continually challenge the past so that we can renew ourselves each day."-Sumantra Ghoshal (1948-2004) Indian management theorist and academic

Change is as natural as air is to breathing. And when we resist change our breathing becomes shallow. We don't notice the shallowness or the shortness of our breathing because we become immovable in the fear of change which constricts our breathing. We think that if we stick it out and tough it out, we will win. You can't win when you are going against your natural growth of change. The law of attraction wins every time.

The law of attraction basically says that "like attracts like." What you think, feel, and act upon is what you attract. This can be pretty hard to swallow, especially when terrible things happen to you. Some of the horrible things that happen to one can be paralyzing, yet it isn't the problem that is paralyzing; it is the mind filled with hopelessness that can take one down the path of being a victim of circumstances and staying there digging a bigger victim hole.

I have heard people complain that they don't understand why they don't get what they wish for and one of the reasons is that often behind the desire are self-fulfilling negative beliefs such as:

    • I can't

    • I don't know how

    • I am too old - too young

    • I am limited by _________

    • I have no time

    • I have no money

    • I am not good enough

  • ...and on and on until the excuses win
What we have here is a "conflict of intention." When your wish to better yourself or circumstance in some way and you have an opposite limiting belief the belief wins! There is a disconnect between the goal and the internal belief. Let's say the belief is like the default hardware in a computer and the wish you desire is software you want to download into the computer. What is the deciding factor that will allow the software to merge with the computer? If the hardware does not recognize the software and is not programmed to accept it, it rejects it.

The same is true when you declare a goal, but your default limiting belief rejects the goal. The belief is the hardware which has the say so to give the software permission to enter its domain.

Update your hardware belief to integrate with the goal and you are closer to achieving what you wish. This is a big step to breathing deeper, which allows more oxygen and blood to flow in your body permitting the natural processes to do what they are designed to do.

It is normal to want to have a life that is fulfilling, happy and abundant. Hanging on to old perspectives and attachments to beliefs that are based on being right rather than happy are limiting, self destructive and keeps you trapped and living a mediocre life when you can have an extraordinary life.

It isn't about the circumstances that define you; it is about how you turn the circumstances into opportunities to be the difference you want to make and have the life you want to live. It is about you transcending.

Tips to Compute Success

    • To transcend is to go beyond the norm. It is to excel and surpass. That doesn't necessarily mean work harder; it may and it may not. It is your choice. When you are doing what you love you may be putting in a lot of hours, yet it won't seem like it because you are on your Right Track and in the flow with your belief and goal. Are you doing what you love? If not, what self-limiting belief is stopping you?

    • As an exercise, state a goal you want to achieve within the next 30 days that requires stretching yourself in new skills and thinking. Name the goal and believe you can achieve it.

    • During the next 30 days keep a journal to record your beliefs. What beliefs are challenging you? What are your winning thoughts? Send the inner critics out to play while your use positive feedback to move you forward. You may want to record your positive affirmations to hear over and over again, until they become a part of you and diminish those limiting beliefs.

    • Follow your natural instinct to transcend toward your destiny; breathing in deeply while taking life in fully and breathing out those self-limiting beliefs.

  • Remember you are the possibility of light and love when you follow your bliss. And Anything Is Possible!
"First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning as you will observe, is in your imagination." -Napoleon Hill


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