An Important Protection from Radioactivity

An Important Protection from Radioactivity

By Dr. Thomas S. Lee, NMD

Internationally, many scientists and doctors a powerful case for protecting ourselves from radiation by using Vitamin C and other supplements.

One powerful supplement to protect us from radiation damages is Organic Sulfur.While extensive studies confirm its value, the mainstream media has not been reporting on it. We can speculate on the reasons for this but I hope to interest you here into learning how valuable it will be for your health.

Sulfur reacts with radioactive mineral isotopes, turning them into harmless sulfates. This reaction occurs naturally because of the electrons that are available in sulfur's atomic structure.

Sulfur also facilitates the movement of oxygen in and out of our cells to assist in the repair of damaged or dying cells. Sulfur-containing amino acids are needed to repair protein that has been damaged and to build new cells. Those amino acids can't be formed as well without adequate sulfur.

After the the World War II nuclear catastrophes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those populations surviving the least damaged were found to be those eating their traditional miso soup. This is made from fermented soybeans, sea vegetables like kombu, and root vegetables—all of which are rich in iodine and sulfur. Other natural sources of sulfur are garlic, cilantro, and pine lignans. Deep taproots of pine trees penetrate into sulfur-rich sub-soils.

NaturoDoc's SuperSulfur™ is made from pine lignans, which results in the most active form.

If you learned that sulfur could protect you if taken in the diet, wouldn't you want to have a sulfur supplement on hand in case environmental conditions get worse?

We are not being told how bad the situation is in and around Fukushima, but many researchers say that it is worsening. Give so many unknowns about the environmental exposures, it makes sense to inform yourself about the importance of clean foods and sources of non-toxic vitamins and minerals such as sulfur and iodine. When informed, locate the best and cleanest sources of these for you and your loved ones.

You can search PubMed, the Medical Database Maintained by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), for many studies which point to the protective properties of sulfur. Here's a link to one:

From PubMed:

"The inclusion of various sulfur-containing functions in organic molecules yielded compounds having whole-body radiation protection from lethal doses of gamma radiation in animals."

—Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 1992 Sept.26(9):1144-7.

The MSM found in most health food stores doesn't work as well as the organic crystals from high-lignan pine trees. This is because the mostly Asian manufacturers heat the MSM to 486 degrees F. and physically crush the sulfur crystals to a powder, solely for manufacturing convenience. This renders the resulting MSM far less bioavailable for healing.

Also, if the MSM mixture contains silicon dioxide as an additive, it indicates that the sulfur has been deactivated and rendered almost useless. We find that most encapsulated MSM and powders are made up of this deactivated, non-lignan containing form of sulfur.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the many environmental and biological hazards we face in this complex modern world. With all that bad news coming at us, it's a relief to find some good news about natural and nutritional-based medicines. Look into this high-lignan organic sulfur as it can help regain and protect your health when used appropriately.

Due to soil depletion of sulfur from the widespread use of chemical fertilizers since the mid-1950’s, our food supply no longer provides the amount of dietary sulfur that it once did. That is why this missing nutrient has such powerful effects.

Because the sulfur helps to oxygenate the cells, it has many other remarkable benefits throughout your body. We see these most quickly in changes in hair, skin, nails, joints, and even the respiratory system. Interestingly, we now have a hair stylist selling our SuperSulfur as simply a hair rejuvenator for her clients. She saw the benefits in her own use of it and chose to share it with her clients.

Read our article on The Sulfur Study for further information about this amazing material.


Dr. Thomas S. Lee is a consulting Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) with 30 years of experience in the general practice of integrative medicine. Dr. Lee consults with individuals and companies about health issues. His experience includes formulating natural health products and speaking about topics related to integrative and preventative medicine. He can be contacted here:

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