How to Get a Loan To Buy A Small Business

Don't wait another second. The financial situation and security that you have been wishing for is just a few steps away. The first step is to find a business that you think could be a heavy earner. Your second step is to secure the outside investments that will give your business enough capital to succeed.

Many people are hindered by what they see as the financial impossibility of taking the first step. The secret to making millions isn't as secret as these people might believe: when you see an opportunity, strike!

So you don't have a million to buy the small business that you want to. That doesn't mean you have to scuttle your plans. Most people secure loans with little in the way of a personal down payment, or collateral. Below you will find a few easy tips to get approved for financial freedom.

Option 1: Apply for an SBA Guarantee in Addition to a Simple Bank Loan

For those who really want to fast track their loan applications, consider arranging a Small Business Administration guarantee on up to 75% of your loan. If you qualify, you can be sure that any commercial lending institution will be pleased to collect the interest on what amounts to a near-zero risk loan for the bank.

Visit your local banks to see if they participate in any SBA programs, and to see whether the purchase of your business qualifies. Smaller municipal business buying programs may also be available for you, depending on which city or town you live in.

Option 2: Find Outside Investors to Provide Some Initial Equity

Another way to impress your loan officer is to up the ante on your financial contribution to the business. Banks are far more likely to grant loans to people who have personal financial liability if the company fails.

The beauty of Option 2 is that, with the help of just one external investor, you can still buy a business without putting in any of your own money.

Option 3: Buy A Business With No Money Down

By purchasing a business with the intention of selling it immediately you can often buy a business in the same way that real estate moguls buy and sell houses. If you find an undervalued business that is ripe for being bought and sold, it is possible to sell it immediately after you buy it, making an instant profit.

In addition to the “commission” you can make in this scenario, some buyers will be willing to buy the business from you while including you in the future management and profit sharing of the business. In this difficult to achieve but highly rewarding situation, you are not only making a profit on a simple turn around, you are also providing yourself with a future steady source of income.

Not bad for just recognizing a good value when you see on.

Getting a loan to buy a business, or just buying one outright with the intention of selling it immediately, is the key to instant financial success. Why waste another day in the office when you could be on the road to making millions now?

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