Effectively Leveraging Google+ Business Pages

Prior to Google entering the social media market with Google+, businesses had 4 major platforms they could use to effectively market products and services and connect directly with buyers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube each offer a different user experience and now Google+ for business has entered the discussion. Here’s a look inside the specific features and how businesses can leverage Google+ to further drive revenue and retain clients:

Sharing. Google+ helps businesses connect in greater detail with a deeper integration than Facebook and LinkedIn offers businesses. Not only can user’s post relevant news topics, managing circles becomes a new feature that other platforms do not have. With this, users can segment contacts into specific categories such as “clients”, “prospects”, “staff” and so on. This allows users to specifically target specific contacts within a group. For example, one may share an internal human resource article with the “staff” circle. In addition, Google introduces us to ‘hangout” which is a deeply integrated video-chat capability. This mode can even replace WebEx as users can share their screen and conduct presentations.

+1: Heavily influencing where a website ranks on Google’s search engine, the company introduced +1 as a way of users giving their seal of approval on a website or content. The company announced that +1’ing a URL will give preference in the search engines. The integration with +1 allows users to highly recommend articles, contacts, webpages and even ads to their contacts. This feature results in establishing a deeper and richer connection, creating more transparency over the other social media platforms.

Analytics and Evaluation: Prior to Google+, Facebook was the only social media platform that offered rich analytics or “insights” including unique visitor data, in addition to views, interactions, and so on. Google has a deep understanding in to the analytical reporting and brings that strength to the discussion. Businesses now have a whole new form of analytics to view how many visitors were on their page, where they clicked, interactions, sharing, +1 and more. The ability to review and evaluate a page presents the ability to continuously improve and not have to wonder. The analytics enhancement is one of the most important.

As businesses now have a total of 5 social media platforms to promote their business, two important details are clear. First, advertising and direct-client interactions are leaving traditional models and moving to social media with richer and deeper connections than ever before. This only translates to success for businesses that adapt. Second (and perhaps most important) the intensifying competition amongst platforms can almost guarantee continuous improvements as social media attempts to capture users.


Todd Bailey is VP of Digital Strategy at <a href="http://www.webimax.com">WebiMax</a> and lead contributor to SEOservices.com and VP of Digital Strategy at WebiMax in Mount Laurel, NJ. WebiMax is an industry leading search engine optimization (SEO) firm with over 150 employees and 500+ clients worldwide.

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