The New Internet Marketing Wizards - Aaron Parkinson

In 2004 Aaron Parkinson helped launch CarbonCopyPRO.Since then he has proven he knows the secrets of internet based business.He has emerged as one of the New Internet Marketing Wizards.He is one of the most dynamic leaders in an a very competitive field which helped establish.He is widely sought after as an expert, an educator and a mentor.

His early resume would have made it difficult to predict his future success.Five years ago he was working as a nightclub bouncer.He had his own struggling marketing business but desperately needed money to seize the opportunity to expand it.But he was committed and passionate.His wife even suggested selling her wedding ring to help raise capital.He admits to asking bar patrons for money.He was asked later why he was willing to make such sacrifices.His reply was that his life dream for himself and his family was so great that he was willing to do anything for even a chance to live it.He felt the risk was so low compared to the potential payoff.

Now 31, the renowned entrepreneur and devoted husband and father has harnessed his passion for his dreams and focused his effort to improve himself and to improve the world through success at his internet marketing business CarbonCopyPro.

His spends most of his time teaching people his secrets and how to help themselves succeed.He has triggered a transformation in the home-based, direct sales market.He and his family are now living the life of his dreams.They split their time between homes in Canada and the Cayman Islands.

As part of his effort to share his success with others he provides food, clothing and education to more than 50 children in various locations around the world thru the Christian Children's Fund.

He continues expanding his network and his business with live presentations to more than 12,000 people in various cities around the United States and internationally in Mexico and Canada.His weekly conference calls reach out to as many as 50,000 people.

He believes that there is opportunity based in the internet.Worldwide there are now 1.5 billion people on the internet worldwide.It is growing by 20% per year in the U.S. alone.He says a new millionaire is being made daily through tapping into the power of internet marketing.He believes sacrificing time and effort to learn the secrets of internet marketing are the key.He has developed numerous training courses which teach his secrets about generating leads, recruiting distributors, personal and professional development and leveraging internet tools such as Google.

Parkinson met Jay Kubassek in 2003.Together they founded CarbonCopyPro as an incubator for future millionaires.They share a passion for helping other people.They discovered that by focusing on other people and their dreams and needs their success would snowball.


Tom is known as the �Texas Tornado.� An entrepreneur who empowers new entrepreneurs to success one at a time. He is a proud husband and father. His passions are exotic travel,managing select baseball teams, trading the market, and cutting edge direct marketing. Some of Tom�s business accomplishments include: Top salesman for two different Wall Street firms. Advising a health internet startup and creating partnerships with many of th...

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