Legal Marketing: Stand apart with video marketing

Downloading a video file about your firm is easier than ever now, but most law firms don't utilize this inexpensive and easy marketing tactic.

When people enter your website, you only have a few seconds to capture their interest. Video marketing is a great way to quickly deliver your message and grab the attention of your audience.

According to a recent study conducted by Metacafe and published in AdWeek, watching a video online not only increased viewer attention by 53 percent, but brand recall was four times higher for Web video viewers than it was for TV viewers.

Before you start uploading to YouTube, think about embedding some videos on your firm website first. This is a great way to showcase your work and get familiar with the medium. It also allows you to review your site analytics to see which videos are most popular. This way you’ll know which videos to upload to YouTube once you’re ready.

With that said, YouTube is a great tool to use as part of your law firm’s video marketing strategy. Everyone uses YouTube, it seems. It is the second most used search engine on the Web–only Google is used for searches more. And anyone online can find a video file once it’s uploaded the YouTube. While this may scare some people, it’s actually a great way to market your firm.

Think about it, by putting up your law firm’s video on YouTube you are marketing your firm to MILLIONS of people–MILLIONS of potential clients. You can spotlight a certain legal issue or practice area and showcase your firm’s experience. You can even make it entertaining and interesting–and should if at all possible. But unless it’s a Webinar or other online course of some sort, make sure you keep it short. No one watches a 10-minute YouTube video.

Video marketing is a platform that allows your audience to see the REAL side of your law firm, to show your personality and expertise. By simply using video, your firm is on the cutting edge of the latest Web and marketing trends. By having these videos on both your firm Website and YouTube, you greatly increase the number of people who are likely to view them, any time of any day. So why not utilize it?

Benefits of YouTube:

  • Exposes your firm and practices to more potential clients
  • Gives your firm the opportunity for press coverage from reporters who are looking for content on the Internet
  • Provides an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge and experience
  • Markets your firm to potentially millions of people
  • Sets your firm apart as a leader in marketing trends and social media
  • Leads people back to your website
  • Tracking is easy. See if people are watching your video, and if they aren’t, create a different one
  • It’s where your clients are
  • It’s FREE!


As CEO of Max Advertising and author of The Matte Pad, Tom focuses his endless enthusiasm on crafting creative and lasting marketing campaigns that differentiates his law firm clients, clearly communicates their messages and ultimately grows their practices. Whether a 10-person firm or one of the Am Law 100, he has worked with firms of all sizes. From branding and logo design, to advertising, collateral, websites and social media, Tom integrates it all together to create a cohesive and effective...

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