Twitter Domination Key Points - How to Leverage Your Time on Twitter

First and most important your main goal of Twitter is to form relationships with others by offering things of value to the community such as quotes, articles and videos with educational and informative content. It is not a platform to solely advertise your online or traditional brick and mortar business. It is also not a place to spam or to send out the same message again and again. Not to follow these guidelines will ensure you a quick shut down from Twitter, something none of us needs to experience if we're trying to grow our presence online.

Here Are Some Steps To Help You Get You Started With Your Twittering Experience:

You'll need to choose a name for your Twitter account- using your own name is usually the best. Stay away from something unprofessional sounding like Tonis' brilliant biz op, click here to learn how to make $15k your first day w/o a website.

Your bio is an important aspect of Twittering so you want to let your personality shine through by telling about yourself and what you like to do. Such as I'm a beach bum, devoted to family, love to help others (if you do) or something like I'm an internet market success coach. Keep it interesting and short.

Including your picture is very important as people like to see they are dealing with a real person. Be sure your smiling in the photo to portray that your a person full of fun, energy and happiness, be yourself. Let's face it-no one wants to deal with a sour unhappy looking face. People generally like to to connect with happy contented looking people. Like the kind of person you'd like to call on the phone.

Next Are Some Guidelines That Twitter Enforces:

1. The goal of Twitter is to develop mutually beneficial relationships by putting out quality content like quotes, articles of interest, videos with value from other gurus that give value, or your own videos, and some events that happen in your life. Tweet info that you have learned too. Think of your space on Twitter like your personal magazine with the main focus sharing of good valuable content to attract followers with similar interests. You will generally get back what you put out. It is acceptable to use other peoples content. When writing your own articles you can read articles from others to get ideason what to write but never plagiarize, always write articles in your own words.

2. Do 10-15 Tweets per day to get started.You'll find the news feed bar at the top of your home page to write your Tweets. Say things like what your doing, share your valuable content and your personality so people can connect with you.Tweets can be a max of 140 characters-so they are short and sweet.Remember content is King so you'll want to provide good and interesting content. Aim to get 150 followers per day to reach 1k followers in a week. When you reach 5,000 followers you can begin adding 200-300 followers per day.

3. Feel free to make a comment to others Tweets and if someone Retweets your article or info then be sure to send them a direct message to thank them and to start forming relationships. Find something of interest that they have posted and and Retweet that as well.You can say things like Hey Bob- I love that quote. Have an awesome week.Interacting is an important part of your Twittering success. Don't spend more than 1/2 to 1 hour daily on Twitter.

People Who Follow You On Twitter Are Called Followers.

Those that you follow are considered your following.The number of followers you have is of key value and you'll find the number of followers and those following you on the right side of your home page. Think of your own Twitter experience to be your own radio station worth lots of money.

Here Are Some Steps To Help You Build Your List Of Followers On Twitter.

Within the face page of your Twitter account you'll see a section called- find people. Simply click on that and enter some gurus name like Mike Dillard, Randy Gage, Frank Kern, Perry Marshall etc. Then go through their followers and click on ones you'd like to follow. It's important not to follow more than 150 per day your first week on Twitter. Don't add 300-400 per day.

Once you have reached 2,000 followers you can't follow back more than 10% or 2,200 followers. To help keep this number in check each day un follow people who have not followed you back.

When Tweeting It's Important To Balance Quotes, Articles etc.

If your doing 10-15 tweets per day then do 3 for 1. Meaning do 3 Tweets of value then just one ad for your personal business. Don't post personal ad after personal ad. In your Tweets you can say things like see this shocking report about MLM or see this free report that's got Network Marketers talking around the world. This week engage 10 people through Direct Messaging. Can say something like what's your biggest challenge with internet marketing? If they answer back personal branding find an article that may help them solve their problem.

As A Final Thought-Remember: Twitter is about providing value and forming relationships.


Toni is a Baby Boomer who like so many of her peers in today's world lost her long time stable career to a company bankruptcy. Finding viable work in her career oriented back round with similar salary and benefits was no longer to be found. She then worked in the mortgage industry for a while but that was at the end of the mortgage boom and soon needed to find another way to generate an income. Being divorced and self supporting took nerves of steel to propel herself through once again another h...

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