Are you Re-trenching or Re-imagining

Rumor has it that the economy is slowly slowly slowly recovering in a few disparate markets. Employment specifically NOT being one of them in any noticeable way. The good news is that no matter the situation we find ourselves, we are getting smarter about how we utilize our resources, especially relationships, education, time, and money. Call it re-imagining. Like many of us, you are likely alternating between the genuine good feeling of wising up about your resources and being paralyzed with fear and indecisiveness, unable to decide what to do, thus doing nothing. This might be defined as re-trenching. Hmm, feel that tightening in your chest? Don't forget to breath.
The terms re-imagining and re-trenching are considered in a great marketing study released a few months ago called "Eyes Wide Open, Wallet Half Shut" by Communispace & Ogilvy Chicago. The study highlights the current state of the consumer in light of the the unrelenting bad news of the times. Many of us aren't really seeing economic progress, especially in the form of measurable income from jobs which are paying less than they were before the recession, when you might be the lucky 1 out of 5 who actually got the job. Might you have taken the advice of improving your skills whilst between jobs, only to be told you're over qualified for roles you've had before and under qualified with your new skill set? While there are polite ways to address these concerns in a job interview, do you really want to? If not, re-imagine.
Another reason to re-imagine is that it's more energizing than re-trenching, thus possibly easing that tension in your chest. Digging in, cutting back, hunkering in, fearful, mistrustful. The simple act of writing down the definition of the term is a bit draining. The good thing about being drained is that it opens up mental and creative space to re-imagine. The simple act of re-imagining costs nothing to begin and has much more growth potential in all areas of our life, personally, professionally, and materially.
Some lovely possibilities might be . . . . . . Perhaps you're imagining more quality time with your family and friends . . . . . Creating a life based on a broad definition of quality rather than quantity . . . . . .. The ability to do work you truly love, even if it pays little . . . . . . The freedom to work on the next masterpiece in your portfolio, and the next one, and the next one . . . . . You get the idea.
The best news of the day is that much of this can be begin with a simple mind shift, which costs nothing. When your mind and heart are right, open, and relaxed, the relationships, tools and opportunities will be yours to find. Steady progress and tight focus on what you've imagined will get you what and where you imagined yourself. Doesn't matter when you get there, the fact that progress is being made will get you there. Then when you've arrived, you then find someone else to help through their own re-imagining. Thus this awkward time is re-imagined into a delicious cycle of perpetual paying it forward.
Funny, do you feel yourself breathing easier now? Excellent! Now that you've re-imagined your life, take a measurable, positive step to make the vision real.


Being passionate about the creative process and how it can be applied to all areas of life, business, and art, I'm committed to the creative success of my friends, family and colleagues. Internet marketing is the basis of my other businesses, which include holistic health counseling, web /graphic design, and a dance company.

So go ahead, start a business.


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