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The Anthony Robbins Organization is a professional consulting and training firm, with each staff member hand picked and personally trained by the self-help guru himself. For over 22 years, the company has provided training programs, coaching workshops, and consulting services to everyone from national leaders and professional athletes, to Fortune 500 executives and the everyday worker. Its core areas of operation are: Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, and Life Management Skills.

With a mission to “unleash the power within all of us,” the company is actually a conglomerate that houses all of Robbins’ professional activities, including live seminars, books, audio programs, and nutritional supplements. He also has a commercial interest in numerous other companies, including Robbins Research International, Namale Fiji, IdeaSphere, EOS International, Twinlab Corporation, Rebus Publishing, and the Anthony Robbins Foundation.

“Have you ever been to a sporting event or a live concert and found yourself out of your mind with excitement and joy?” his website asks. He promises the same kind of experience. “We design environments where learning equals fun and where you are empowered to unleash the power within.”

The philosophy of the Anthony Robbins Organization is three-fold. First, it is dedicated to education – providing real-world experts who have tried and true strategies in all areas of life. Whether it’s your finances or health, they provide strategies they say you can begin to use immediately to transform the quality of your life. Secondly, they promise entertainment. Ask anyone who has been to a Tony Robbins live seminar and you will undoubtedly hear the story of someone who was inspired, who left with a greater sense of joy, courage, and commitment than they have felt in a long time, if ever. The organization strives to generate lasting emotions that will sustain your lasting change. Thirdly, the company sets out its mission to empower, to give customers the edge they need to create unstoppable momentum in achieving their goals.

The International Chamber of Commerce has named this self-help guru one of the top 10 Outstanding People of the World; Accenture called him one of the Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World; Justice Byron White said he was one of the world’s Outstanding Humanitarians. When American Express asked its entrepreneurial clients who they would select if they could choose anyone in the world to personally coach them, Robbins was selected alongside Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Lee Iacocca, and Ross Perot. Through his various public engagements, he tries to transfer the tools and skill-sets that helped him reach the top and achieve his ideal life to those around him.

The Anthony Robbins Organization is the force behind the number one audio coaching system of all time. As a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership and peak performance, Robbins has played a key role in everything from international humanitarian endeavours to feeding inner-city youth. It is estimated that over 50 million people in 80 countries have made use of his best-selling books, audiotapes, and live appearances.

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