How Correct Goal Setting Can Help You Make More Money For Your Business

Have you ever felt this way?

When you get out of bed in the morning your head feels like it weights a ton, and you are not able to think clearly.

If someone asked you to tell them your name and where you live, they wouldn`t have understood a single word.

You have been spending every second for the last days, perhaps weeks, even while you sleep, to think about solving an annoying question.

Just thinking about the question feels like an awful itch that can`t be scratched and won`t go away.

You know for sure, if you can`t find a good answer to the question quickly…

…the chance of you going insane is quite high.

What`s the question tormenting you?

How can you make more money for your business?

Calm down, I will help you answer that question before the people in the white coats will knock on your door.

A factor for success, that in my opinion often is unjustified underrated, is the art of correct goal setting.

Did you notice that I said CORRECT goal setting?

Yup, I did that on purpose.


Because it`s really important.

What`s even worse than not setting any goals at all, is to set and achieve the wrong goals.

That might actually be the make or break for your business` success.

Think of your business as a sailboat on the ocean.

You need to go from point A to B.

If you don`t set a goal, you don`t know where to navigate.

If you set and steer towards the wrong goal, you certainly won`t get to your desired destination.

So over to the one million dollar question…

How do you set correct goals?

As Mark Cuban says “sales cure all”.

There is a certain truth to that.

Take a look at the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: There is too much to do in your business

Answer: outsource if possible, hire a consultant if it’s a temporary situation, or go for permanent hiring.

Scenario 2: We haven`t been able to recruit the right people

Answer: you should start using other type of channels. Perhaps a headhunter agency can help, or you could do some PR-branding events that would generate a lot of positive publicity for your business.

Scenario 3: We don`t know where the money is disappearing

Answer: hire a really good consulting firm to review your company and follow the money trail.

I just gave you and handful of scenarios and a few answers. You could probably come up with a gazillion more scenarios and answers.

My point is that all the scenarios above has one thing in common.

What`s that?

They can all be solved by spending money on the right activities.

If you have a steady income stream and good profits, you can spend money on solving almost any issues in your business.

What do to next?

Find out exactly how your company makes money, and then how you will make the sales.

Spend at least 80 % of your time on sales activities, and don`t slow down before you are starting to get a steady cash flow.

Start setting the correct goals that will generate more sales for your business.

Then it`s time for massive action.

Off you go!

How about you? What`s your experience with setting correct goals?


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