Rule #2 - Making Money In Business

Cash is king – when you’re out of cash you’re out of business.

Being out of cash can occur for two reasons; your assets are eating your cash

or your overhead is eating your cash. You can be very profitable and run out of

cash, a very successful and profitable (at least on paper) business can run out

of cash by putting too much cash in assets, particularly accounts receivable.

If you extend credit you can grow your way right out of business with you cash

disappearing into your balance sheet but not your check book.


Tracy Emerick is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of marketing and sales experience. He has helped many people succeed in business using basic approaches. Tracy retired but was brought back to business due to the drop in his nest egg. At 60+ he is a congenial consultant and amiable advisor seeking the success of others through his efforts. One of his businesses may still be found at, a business that brought success to many businesses, big and small. Tracy has also...

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