Rule #3 - Making Money In Business

Boring is profitable – a lesson that took me 15 year to

learn. For my first 15 years in business I was on the cutting edge of new

marketing strategies and technologies jumping from one strategy to another. It

wasn’t until I drilled down into one tactical deployment that was as much fun

as eating dirt did I make any real money. The “new” and “fun” opportunities

that present themselves to you can provide some personal enjoyment, but seldom

deposit slips sufficient to cover costs. Look for the boring facets of your

business and go there as soon as you can.


Tracy Emerick is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of marketing and sales experience. He has helped many people succeed in business using basic approaches. Tracy retired but was brought back to business due to the drop in his nest egg. At 60+ he is a congenial consultant and amiable advisor seeking the success of others through his efforts. One of his businesses may still be found at, a business that brought success to many businesses, big and small. Tracy has also...

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