Another crazy, was an old mentor, employer and friend of mine, Kevin McQuay (AKA) BIG KEV! Big Kev was a naked salesman and one of the best I have ever seen. He was bold, most certainly unique, memorable and very real! Big Kev was a larger than life character and Australia’s most famous celebrity television salesman. I spent many years with Kev and he taught me a hell of a lot about sales and business. It would be remiss of me not to add, Kev has been the most influential person in my business life to date. He believed in me when no one else did, and for that I will always be eternally grateful.

Unfortunately, Kev passed away a couple of years ago. I never got the chance to say goodbye in person. So here goes. Goodbye Kev and thank you for being you. We will all miss you. I miss you. I know you’re in that big bar in the sky enjoying a nice cleansing ale. Cheers Kevie! I’M still EXCITED!

Before Kev was known as Big Kev, he risked every cent he had to his name and livelihood on a two minute slot on the Good Morning Australia show. Before that moment in time Kev was a struggling spruiker travelling from home show to tradeshow living week to week. He put the family’s life savings of $7,000 into an infomercial, and risked it all on two minutes of his salesmanship. Talk about bold and talk about backing yourself! If the risk failed he was as good as bankrupt. As it turned out, the infomercial clogged the North Sydney telephone exchange with a flash flood of “I’M EXCITED” buyers ready to hand over their credit card numbers and get the two for one deal. The rest is history.

Big Kev took a risk and it paid off. And he managed to build a cleaning products empire off the back of it. However, he took more risks later in life and they didn’t pay off. Why? Early in his career, Kev was motivated by the right things; being a good provider for his family, creating a great business, being bold, unique and memorable with this over the top personality and outrageously bright silk shirts. Later in life, it’s sad to say, it became about ego. He associated with people who wanted to use him to make money. I parted ways with Big Kev at about this time, and like many other Australians I watched this Aussie icon’s slow and painful fall from grace.

When risk is motivated by the right reasons miraculous things can happened. But, when risk is motivated by greed alone, don’t be surprised if the wolves show up and consume you.


Trent Leyshan is founder, CEO of BOOM!

A leading international sales training company that specialises in the development of inspirational sales cultures, leaders and salespeople. 

Early in his career Trent was head tradeshow spruiker and sales manager for Australia's most flamboyant TV salesman, Big Kev. 

He has since driven t...

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