How do I create a radical ‘Call to Action?’

Step 1: Find out what your competitors' are all doing and do something radically different, or radically better. Remember, in competitive markets with everyone selling the same thing in the same way 'radical differentiation' can mean as little as a 10% margin in value proposition.

Step 2: Ask your best customers' what's important to them, then trial 3 key responses into your call to action based on what your customers' value.

Step 3: Do the exact opposite of what your key competitors are doing - give your customer choice: either the 'same' or you!

Step 4: Take action and lead by example, today!


Trent Leyshan is founder, CEO of BOOM!

A leading international sales training company that specialises in the development of inspirational sales cultures, leaders and salespeople. 

Early in his career Trent was head tradeshow spruiker and sales manager for Australia's most flamboyant TV salesman, Big Kev. 

He has since driven t...

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