What is the best way to develop my sales skills?

Sell something you dont have to sell.
Let me explain. Selling is nothing more than leading customers to win-win outcomes. This is so basic yet so challenging for so many salespeople because they're selling or working for a company they dont believe in.

I would be doing you all a disservice every week in my blog, if I was to simply spruik ideals and philosophies that sound logical and well thought-out, but aren't practical. There is always a chasm between knowing and doing. So what actually works?

Hard work! The tough stuff! The things that most people dont enjoy doing. Facing fears and overcoming rejection. The late nights and the early starts! Paying your own way. The relentless push and grind every day. Investing in yourself. Being accountable. Getting off your butt and doing something you believe in. Learning from your mistakes. Contributing!

And most certainly swallowing your pride and getting your hands dirty when you dont have to. For many business people they think they are too good to sell. They're above selling their own products or services. Madness! Choosing instead to pay someone to sell for them and then whining and complaining about the poor results.

Usually the simple stuff that is easy to do, but easier to forget is the most effective. The fundamentals. Or try passing-up a few pay packets and your fragile reputation in exchange for a career that is truly meaningful to you. Then it's not about selling, it's merely talking with people and leading them to the benefits.

There's your silver bullet right there - BOOM!!!


Trent Leyshan is founder, CEO of BOOM!

A leading international sales training company that specialises in the development of inspirational sales cultures, leaders and salespeople. 

Early in his career Trent was head tradeshow spruiker and sales manager for Australia's most flamboyant TV salesman, Big Kev. 

He has since driven t...

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