Tyler Hicks


Tyler G. Hicks is president of International Wealth Success, Inc. (IWS), and a director of a large New York-based lender. A consultant to entrepreneurs and real-estate investors around the world, Tyler is author of numerous books on real estate and business, some of which have appeared on the best seller lists of Business Week, WaldenBooks, and other national publications and sellers. Several of Tyler's books have been ranked among "the top ten real estate books of the year" by columnists in the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. Tyler's bestselling books include How to Acquire $1-million in Income Real Estate in One Year Using Borrowed Money in Your Free Time and 203 Home-Based Businesses That Will Make You Rich. On this site you'll find articles Tyler has written to help beginning wealth builders start making money in income real estate or in their own small business. Experienced wealth builders, too, can get new money-making ideas and a more positive mental attitude from Ty's contributions. You can visit Tyler's Web site to learn more at www.iwsmoney.com.

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