DO YOU HAVE TO GET INTO A COMPLEX BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY TODAY? Some people will say, YES, you do. Not here at IWS! Why? Because:

1. Simple businesses earn large sums for many people in all parts of the world 2. Basic services are needed by almost everyone all over our great globe--regardless of their country 3. Provide these basic services in a reliable way and people will put lots of money into your pocket

TO SHOW YOU WHAT WE MEAN BY SIMPLE BUSINESSES, here are a few that are making big money for their owners today:

1. Hair-growing centers help men and women grow hair where there isn't any when there should be lots--one such business is financing outlets around the country and bringing in millions of dollars in franchise fees

2. Real estate that provides lodging for people needing a home with a bed and community kitchen can bring in big returns while the property increases in value, making the investment worth more. One permanently disabled person is netting $50,000 a year providing this simple service in his area. And he used student loans as the source of some of his cash down for the real estate--he got $350,000 in property in one year

3. Self-help books go on forever--true we have the Internet and all sorts of computer programs. But many people still like the idea of reading a book to motivate themselves into doing worthwhile things. A BWB (Beginning Wealth Builder) in the northeast is making his fortune selling self-help books by mail from home. Yet he started with almost no cash and little help

4. Newsletter publishing is a low-cost fast-startup business that can put big money into your pocket faster than many people realize. And you can put out a newsletter on almost any topic you like--from apple growing to zebra raising! Again, a simple business that can reward you in a short time.

PICK YOUR SIMPLE BUSINESS TODAY. To be certain that your simple business makes money for you, look for these features:

1. You MUST like the business. Don't try to make it big in a business you dislike! It won't work for you.

2. Look for BIG markets in products or services people need. And if the item disappears on use (gasoline, food, drink, etc.), your market will be self-renewing

3. Start small and give good service to your customers. Try to ship fast, answer questions quickly, and be available to your customers when they need you!


Tyler G. Hicks is president of International Wealth Success, Inc. (IWS), and a director of a large New York-based lender. A consultant to entrepreneurs and real-estate investors around the world, Tyler is author of numerous books on real estate and business, some of which have appeared on the best seller lists of Business Week, WaldenBooks, and other national publications and sellers. Several of Tyler's books have been ranked among "the top ten real estate books of the year" by columnists in...

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Brian Tatum
28th January 2015 3:39pm
If i have potential paper assets--meaning a music company idea, an sustainable affiliate program idea,
working on the great American Novel and great American Poetry(a la Robert Frost/ T.S. Eliot. On diskette a business plan of the Music Company. Ideal for An Innovator non-profit to help entrepreneurs, inventors, social
and cultural pioneers to better
Have benefactor pledge of several
thousands of dollars. Would this be sufficient for you to recommend monies for my business ideas?

Odunze Reginald
12th February 2016 5:41am
Good morning sir,
please kindly tell me business that I can do without capital that i need to use my brain only

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