Palms Shopping Mall, Changing Retail Distribution in Nigeria

Strolling through the mall, the ambience is like that of any other mall across Europe or the USA. Unlike most malls in the West, it offers a grocery store 'Shop Rite' also South African owned. Like most malls in the West, it carries its fair amount of gadget and gizmo stores (Nokia included) and fashion retail outlets (mostly private labels) like Tiffany Amber(ready to wear and haute couture designer label), Bola 3 (jewelry), Phenomenon (shoes), Oyeog(clothing), Wrangler(men and women clothing) and Twice as Nice (clothing). Dining and Entertainment is also part of the shopping experience at the palms.

~Uduak Oduok


Ms. Uduak Oduok is the President & CEO of Ladybrille Media Group, Inc., a dynamic multi-media company providing local and global niche market coverage to highly relevant hyper-targeted audience in fashion, film, music and the arts. She is also an attorney, fashion model and journalist with over seventeen years combined experience in the legal, fashion and entertainment industries. Visit to learn more about Ladybrill...

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