5 Factors Catapult Online Money Making

Despite what you may be thinking (and what the mass media would have you believe)...Participating In The Recession is optional.

I have the rare opportunity with my work as a financial teacher to see the inside scoop on everyone's financial profile; from income, to budget, to expenses, to bank account, and assets too!

What I know to be true, is that opportunity always exists, in every economic cycle. I too know, different economic cycles bring different opportunities.

So, if you'd rather "Opt-Out" and NOT PARTICIPATE in the current economic recession (and why wouldn't you?), this could be THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE YOU READ this (Or Any Other) Year....

Let's put it this way, if you knew that there was a way to GROW your business while everyone else around you is scrambling just to keep their heads above water, would you do EVERYTHING in your power to find out what that was?

Through my work in the last ten years as a financial author and teacher, I have unprecedented access to the lives (and bank accounts) of a wide range of people and I have been helping them develop a prosperity of consciousness to establish a foundation to work from in order to successfully apply the best possible wealth building tools toward building their multiple passive income streams.....and ultimately, live a Wealthy & Successful life from the inside out.

Although I generally dislike the term "Financial Guru" there is no arguing that I have been able to help my clients achieve some amazingly successful results with their finances.

Think about this, I have the inside track at all times on all my varied clients who make from $50,000 to upward of $10,000,0000 million per year in annual income in all industry’s.

Knowing their incomes, to budget, to bank accounts offers me the exclusive opportunity to spot trends and patterns emerging from the clutter of noise before most of us can ever hear the noisy clatter!

One of the reasons for this is because I am a trained "trend-watcher".

So what is the trend that I have recently spotted?

Well, we are calling it the "Perfect Storm of Opportunity". However, some of you are experiencing the opposite, the "Perfect Storm of Pain". You are feeling squeezed financially,


The first part of 2008 was exceptionally challenging for the economy and investors.

Pessimism dominated the markets.

Stocks and real estate buckled, to an ever-growing array of concerns regarding slowing U.S. economic growth, intensifying housing price declines, renewed credit market turmoil, liquidity vacuums, surging commodity prices (particularly oil and gas), higher foreclosure rates, weakening employment and softening consumer discretionary spending.

And some say the economy will continue to slide for years to come.

It’s enough to make you want to go and stick your head in the sand, and you know many many will...

But for those that do, they will be missing out!

FOR FACT, the "Perfect Storm of Opportunity" is upon us!

5 factors......

.......have culminated to create a window of opportunity like never before seen for those willing to educate themselves and take action!

Here is what is Happening!

Factor #1 is the TURNKEY Revolution.

With every business and industry it takes time to build and test a system that works. The concept of a Starbucks, Yahoo, EBay, and Google took years to complete but once the system was tested and successful it was rolled out throughout the world.

Why? Because the system is the solution. When we say the system is the solution we don’t mean that you have to build an internet system.

You don’t need to know how to build a car to drive it. Up till now you did need to know how to build the internet systems to make them work, but over the last two years things have changed.

You no longer have to build and test the internet systems of the past. The testing and building have been done, now all you have to know is how to drive the system to make it work for you.

Factor #2 is the Technology Revolution.

According to a Reuters article, June 2008, the number of personal computers in use around the world has surpassed 1 billion, with strong growth in emerging markets set to double the number of PCs by early 2014.

"Rapid penetration in emerging markets is being driven by the explosive expansion of broadband and wireless connectivity, the continuing fall in PC average selling prices, and the general realization that PCs are an indispensable tool for advancement."

The way we interface and use computers has changed radically in the last year, becoming a social medium and never before has it been so easy for even us who are not internet savvy to take our ideas, products and services and start making money.

Factor #3 is Marketing.

This is by far the most overlooked and it is very easy to understand. Marketing and how business is done has forever changed.


Because instead of constant promotion as in the past, (it is said we are bombarded with 2700 media messages a day) ‘Attraction’ marketing and ‘Relationship’ marketing are now the buzz words of the day.

You can find anything with the search engines of Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves etc.

When you learn how to use attraction and relationship marketing, your sites will become a magnet to success. Because we have become anaesthetized to many traditional forms of marketing, namely television, radio and news print / magazines, Relationship marketing has come of age. Just look at all the social networking sites springing up every day, they are all based on attraction and relationship marketing.

Did you know when you have 3 or more relationships with your customers 85% of them will stay with you for 5 years or more.

The internet has made relationship marketing the way of our future. Do you know the systems?

Also, the cost of marketing and doing business online is far cheaper than traditional advertising and it is often green.

Factor #4 is Emerging Market Opportunity

The World Wide Web has created an emerging world market place. Much, like Christopher Columbus landing in America with the hope of a new world so we have the same new world opportunities with the world wide web.

Think about this, Ebay just opened 29 million new accounts in China.

The internet is now a 600 billion dollar business and growing.

People are learning to trade internationally with the simple systems that are now in place for you to use. Success stories are limitless of entrepreneurs just like you who have been able to launch or catapult their business from traditional means into this news avenue of unbounded wealth.

Virtual space, admin, marketing, shopping carts and branding is very cheap online. But what we have found is that most people who have tried to market online without the right systems end up with too much information, a poor vision, too little time to implement what they have learned and they have not developed a team around them who can support them.

As a result they have web sites that cost them monthly with no real sales coming in, or they just give up on their dreams and hopes of making money online.

Factor # 5 is The Right Time

In the last six months it has become even less expensive to establish an online business. This is the best time to start an Internet company since the dot-com boom.

Industry experts estimate starting an Internet company today costs one-fifteenth what it did just five years ago.

Now for the first time you can really compete with the big boys on an even playing field.

If implemented with our winning formula, it is easy and cheap to establishing an online business, there are substantial tax benefits when done properly, you get to work at home, spend more time with your family and create the lifestyle of your dreams!

So think about this!

You have the opportunity to participate in reaching more individuals with your valuable abilities, skills, ideas and knowledge through a system called "Internet Repackaging".

The internet today offers you exclusive opportunities like never before with newer and cheaper technologies to create your own "money-machine" of a business that generates you over $10,000.00 plus per month. What are you doing today to participate in this amazing window of opportunity?

More to come in my next article on additional resources for YOU to FAST-TRACK Making Money Online!

© 2008 Vanessa Summers Companies LLC.


Vanessa was named by CNBC as the ‘Financial Guru’ because she teaches a holistic approach to money. She is author of The Girl’s Guide to Money & Investing, Buying Solo – The Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a Home, The Yoga of Money, and creator of the Prosperity NOW Kit. She is also a Registered Investment Advisor. To learn more about making more money, marketing more successfully, building effective wealth and having a happy lifestyle, get your FREE how-to articles and FREE audio classes, visit ...

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