Misuse of Purpose/Potential

Why is it that some people decide to throw away the potential that has been placed on the inside of them? What causes people to misuse their purpose? Is it because they allow the situations in their lives to overwhelm them? Is it because they feel the circumstances that they face are much too strong for them to overcome? Maybe, it is simply because they have not measured up to what they/others say, think, or feel that they should be. Today, I want to draw your attention to the misuse of purpose & potential, why it occurs, and how it affects our society.

During my daily reading earlier this week, I came across this article that I wanted to share. It really bothered me from the standpoint that there is a lack of respect for human life as a whole. The article in question did not come upon my radar because of who was involved, but because of the lack of gravity, respect, and care for others and their lives. I am a firm believer of being an agent of change in the earth. The question that came to mind when reading about Pastor Marvin Winans getting carjacked and robbed in Detroit was where is the respect, decency, and genuine care for one another as human beings? What has happened to society that our morals and ethics have gone out the door? I know many people will take the stance that "you just don't understand" or that "it’s hard to maintain when the odds are stacked against you" No one knows until their faced with a situation what they will do to survive, but I must say that I am proud that Pastor Marvin Winans was not so attached to material things that it would have caused him to lose his life.

The lesson that I gleaned from this article was simple, nothing is that important! No amount of money, stature, or fame is worth losing your life. The gentlemen who attacked him ought to be ashamed of themselves not because of who he is, but because of what they have done. They disgrace the already falling image of the black male, and the names of each family that they belong too. Why misuse your purpose for petty and selfish gain? Why degrade your image and allow the world to brand you? Why disrespect someone’s father, brother, husband, Pastor, and a Communities leader?

People fall into the categories of misusing their purpose and potential because they are lost, misguided and misdirected. They surround themselves with the wrong people, lessons and principles. If you find yourself surrounded by yes men or women you may want to check your situation as well (Its not healthy). Sometimes, people may think they are doing a good thing considering the information that they have gathered, but make no mistake about it, taking someone else's possessions are not right under these circumstances. Knowing who you are and having some moral decency is a big factor in how you conduct yourself. Don't make the tired excuse about your situation that no one understands.... and the woo is me syndrome. Life is going to happen to us all; the question is how do you deal with the cards that you have been dealt? Never allow your situation or circumstances to dictate to you how you will respond.

Each of us has the ability to overcome and conquer anything that life can send our way. Peer pressure in this case could have been a factor as many of our youth are tricked into doing immoral things because they want to be popular or in what is called the "in crowd." This mentality causes our youth to become distracted, disruptive and do some downright dumb things. We must teach our youth how to avoid the pitfalls of becoming statistics by not allowing them to walk in low self-esteem. If you are more worried about what others think, say, or feel about you; then being the true you, you have already lost the battle.

It is time for us to stand up and set a standard for our young people and teach them by daily application what right looks like. Please make no mistake about it; our youth are not the only ones that are falling prey to the misuse of their purpose/potential. People of all ages are being affected by this epidemic. Here are seven tips that can help you to avoid misusing your purpose/potential.

1. Discover your purpose.

2. Acknowledge your strengths.

3. Develop a plan to maximize your strengths.

4. Understand your weaknesses and make necessary adjustments.

5. Remind yourself of your purpose and take daily steps towards it.

6. Surround yourself with individuals that will provoke you to tap into your potential

7. Stay true to who you are and be an example.

This is the”Year of Evidence& Results" in my life and every day I am will work towards helping others live their best life. Walk into the new you by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

LIVING TO PRODUCE ONE PRODUCTIVITY MOMENT AT A TIME! "Live 2 Produce, it is the only way to live." ~ Dr. Vernet A. Joseph


Dr. Vernet A. Joseph Jr. -America's #1 P3 Expert is a mentor, speaker, serial entrepreneur, consultant, trainer and a military officer. Having received his tireless work ethic from his Haitian parents, he has started several businesses ranging from apparel to travel. He serves in an array of leadership positions from CEO to Managing Editor for companies such as Live To Produce, Gigaré Inc.,Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine, Dr. Joseph has become known around the world as “Mr. Productivity.” One co...

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