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Human Fokusz • December 2001—January 2002

There are several interpretation of coaching in Hungary as well as abroad, which is a regular training in the business life. According to a comprehension originating in professional sport life, coaching is a special way of thinking, which is lifting up to the hihgest level the ability of problem solving - significantly growing the performance. The coach does not give advices, but assists to recognize our hidden internal sources as the key of changing, finding our best solutions.

    Coaching started a few years ago from the USA and has become very popular in a short time, because of its high efficiency. The new science just arrived at Hungary.

The goal of the coaching

The goal of the coaching — according to sport practice adapted into business life — is to be the best in a field, which is possible to achieve through regular trainings. Increasing the level of consciousness coaching gives succes for people. The coach clears up the coachee’s position, tasks, level of decisions and responsibility. Coachees will be able to solv their own problem on a high level, to take righ decisions, to take responsibility for actions. The result is extra gains in professional and personal life. The regular training brings special problem solving view of coachees, developing their personality.

    In the USA and Western Europe coaching is considered as an investment in Human Resources.

The origin of the coaching

The different of the methods of coaching came from the origins. There are two main consideration: one part is originated from supervision (family therapy), the other one is from the professional sport. There are some similarity between techniques, but the name and winner viewed coaching should had came from the sports life, because of the goal and meaning of the coaching. Fortunately this science “allowes” several kind of methods, and the most important are the results.

The methods of the coaching

The development of personality is the method of the previous supervisors, called coaches around this time. Most of them are psychologist, teacher, social worker. Their method is psychoterapeutic: to analyze and/or find the reason, why is not be able to solve problems somebody or achieve his/her goals. It can be useful for people, who are brave enough to face things, what are reflects the problems of their personality.

    In Hungary there is not tradition, culture of to “go” to the psychologists. The general belief is: “if I have to go to a psychologist, I am a fool”. Most of the people get embarrased from the fact: to sit opposite to a psychologist. In the supervision concept people get coaching secretly very often, because they feel shame, that they “need” that. It happened in Hungary in the near past, that a well known organization developer team gave personal coaching for the leaders of a big company, but nobody could know who, how many coaching hours “used”, when and how often. Being in the coaching with shame feeling, keep from achieve fast good performance. Efficiency is less too without regulary.

    Everybody likes the sport concept coaching focusing on results. It is building from the present conditions, facts and goes straight ahead to the goal. It is concentrate only to the target. It does not browse in the past, does not analyze and looking for reasons. It does not qualify our personality and confront us with that, what we would have been done better. The only question is: how to do hereafter, that we will be the best.

    It seems very often, that the sportsmen are too much self-confident; it is indeed consciousness of that to be a winner is possible through doing regular and hard trainings. Being in the sport concept coaching is a merit, not a shame.

The coaches

Psychologist leader of the training company, which gives coaching in secret (mentioned above) does not believe the wiev of winner coaching; he thinks it is an American shallow, “WOW-false” madness. Inspite of his conviction he is thinking about to change coaching method — acknowledging the several times more efficiency of the sport method. It will be not easy to realize this plan, because it is not playable to tell opposite things to his persuasion. Seventy percent of all communication is metacommunication — without words.

    In the coaching is the most important the personality of the coach. It is essential the authenticity, to believe that the coachee is capable of doing everything to achieve his/her targets. The only question is: how.

    If the coach metacommunicates “let’s analyse, why you can not reach your goals?”, coachee will feel the conviction of the coach — without werbal communication.

    Unfortunately I have seen coachings, where the coaches metacommunicated: “I am the big Wizard, but you are the terrible ignorant, and you can do anything, the power of the knowledge was/is/will be always mine”. This kind of coaching does not target and result to bring the maximum from the coahee, but flaunt of the power and importance of the coach, giving drops of some knowledge to the coachee — which as keep longer as better business for the coach.

    Lighter — but unlucky — version, when the coach behaves as a parent. I think the coachee knows a lot about different part of life, and I am sure he/she knows several times more about his/her job, position, than the coach. Those coaches, who do not “give” coaching with the conviction and feeling of equal to the coachees, will not achieve the same results as the coaches, who believe that.

    The other very important is the competence of the profession in the fild of the coaching. For example in the business: knowledge of micro and macro economics, market, finance, enterprising, ability to take decisions, leadership/management experience, etc. Because of this background using conscious questions, the coach can achieve fast very good reults.

Veronika Chmelar

Executive Coach

5th November, 2001


Veronika Chmelar Executive Coach, Managing Director I have started result-oriented economic and business output enhancing executive coaching in Hungary with prior US experience. The following of my prior experiences have significantly contributed to the fact that I pursue it with a high-standard of competence: my professional sport background; my B. S. in Economics and M. S. in Finance; my generalist experience and perspective gained through my jobs in various industries, service sectors, man...

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