How to get started with Viral Affiliate Marketing?

Viral means something infectious, spreading like a virus. So viral marketing refers to something happening automatically, a process that is unstoppable replicating itself. When your marketing campaign is just properly set up and induced, it will start rolling as a snowball, spreading like an infectious disease. Imagine your customers being so excited about the product or service they bought from you, that they can't help to tell their neighbor, telling the next, telling the next to buy from you too. And so you are getting totally free advertising. That's what viral marketing is all about: word-of-mouth marketing!

There are many different techniques for marketing online, but viral marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective. Every marketer may dream about that scenario, where the customers are doing all the advertising for free. But do you know how to get the process started? I am just going to point out some of the best methods to make your marketing viral.

One of the best tried and proven methods to make your marketing viral is Affiliate Marketing. Every time you have a new referral to join a program under you, it will increase the workforce in your business. Every time your associates replicate the process and sponsor some new associates, it will build your team of co-workers to get the marketing work done for you. The more successful you are in affiliate marketing, the more you are building a viral affiliate marketing business. Success is a viral process of building your downline.

Another thing you can't do without is Building your List of opt-in prospects. The money is in the list, as you know. If you are smart and working as a pro, you will set up a form on your website and elsewhere to automate the whole process of lead generation. And you'll need an auto responder to follow up with your contacts.

Traffic Generation is also a must for doing business online. Without a lot of visitors to your site there will be no sales. Without buying customers there is no business at all. Traffic is generated naturally via the search engines or via your own advertising. If you are working smart, you may even get a lot of viral traffic, using some of the traffic generation programs available online.

At the beginning, when you are not getting organic SE-traffic, you can't survive online without Advertising. You'll need to promote your business every day and everywhere. Fortunately there is a lot of free advertising tools available. In some programs you may send out your ads via email, in other programs you can create an advert for showing up on the internet.

If you cannot wait for the results of your viral affiliate marketing, you may want to look at some advanced Marketing Tools (software) to speed up the whole process. Go to my blog for more information about this subject. I have just written a new MyViralSurfer Review to help you get started.


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