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Gone are the days when home-based business was limited to Tupperware parties and the sole operating seamstress. With the advent of new technology, the thirst for a lifestyle greater than 9-5 and the changing dynamics of the modern day family more and more people are turning towards professional home based businesses.

There are 5 key motivations fuelling the growing popularity of professional home based business: time, lifestyle, profit, team and technology.

Obviously time is a key factor when working from home. Home-based professionals are not disadvantaged by the down time normally spent traveling to and from work and they enjoy flexible hours. Clients also benefit from flexible working hours and can schedule appointments to occur before or after work.

The lifestyle of a professional working from home allows for increased interaction with family members, a tailored work environment and the freedom to set the self paced completion of tasks. A win-win relationship also exists between home based business and their client base due to increased profit potential - due to low overheads. What you save on renting an expensive office suite can be passed on to your clients – creating a win-win solution for both parties.

Business owners often can work with their partner to create a great team synergy in the home environment. After years spent working in separate careers many home based

professionals can involve their partner in the business. Partners can be involved in a business development and support role and teenage children who have excellent computer skills can earn some extra pocket money.

Not surprisingly the rapidly expanding portfolio of business technology makes the home based option a very attractive one. Utilizing e-mail and the Internet as well as teleconferencing can make for a very professional approach to business from their own home office.

However, the home office environment is not immune to the challenges faced in the conventional work environment and a day in the life of a home-based professional is anything but average. There is no such thing as a typical day. By necessity, business owners should reserve time in each day for different kinds of chores e.g. starting Mondays with a meeting and ending Fridays with writing reports,

There should also be time reserved for training and attendance at workshops. Home-based professionals must be proactive and consistent in furthering their own personal and professional development. Networking opportunities are also important in keeping up with latest changes in the industry and provide a catalyst for new ideas and strategies.


Warren Coughlin is the Canadian Coach of the Year with Action International and selected from the over 900 coaches internationally for a Global Action Man Award and a North American Action Man Award. His experience and his passion have allowed his clients to experience 300 and 400% growth, create stronger teams, reach for bigger dreams and gain skills they can use for as long as they run businesses. He is now challenging all Toronto area Entrepreneurs to double or triple your revenue (or more...

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