Top Buyers of Promotional Products

Top Buyers of Promotional Products by

The following ranks the top purchasers of promotional products according to the findings of a study by Louisiana State University and Glenrich Business Studies. Industries were ranked by distributors according to the volume spent on promotional products by each industry.


1 Education: Schools and Seminars Other/Purch/Mkt/PR/HR/CEO/Adv

2 Financial: Banks, S&’s, Credit Unions, Stock Brokers Mkt/Purch/CEO/HR/PR/Other/Adv

3 Healthcare: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics Mkt//Purch/PR&HR/Other/CEO/Adv

4 Not-For-Profit Organizations Other/Mkt/CEO,PR&Purch/Adv/HR

5 Construction: Building Trades, Building Supplies CEO/Mkt/Purch/Other/HR/Adv&PR

6 Government: Public Offices, Agencies, Political Candidates Purch/Other/Mkt/HR/PR&CEO/Adv

7 Trade, Professional Associations & Civic Clubs CEO/Mkt/Other/Purch/PR/Adv

8 Real Estate: Agents, Title Companies, Appraisers CEO/Mkt/Other/Adv/Purch/PR

9 Automotive: Manufacturers, Dealers, Parts Suppliers CEO/Mkt/Purch/Other/Adv/PR/HR

10 Professional: Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs, Architects, etc CEO/Mkt/Other/Purch/HR/PR/Adv

11 Manufacturers not otherwise specified Mkt/Purch/HR&CEO/Other/PR/Adv

12 Insurance: Companies, Agents, Adjusters Mkt/CEO/Purch&HR/Other/Adv/PR

12 Entertainment and Sporting Events Mkt/CEO&PR/Purch&Other/Adv

12 Hospitality: Hotels & Motels Mkt/Purch/CEO/HR&Other//PR/Adv

15 Media: Broadcast/Print Media, AD/PR Agencies Mkt/CEO&Adv/PR&Other//Purch/HR

16 Wholesalers/Distributors Mkt/CEO/Purch/Other/HR/Adv

17 Restaurants & Bars CEO/Mkt/Purch&Other/Adv/PR/HR

18 Computers & Software Mkt/CEO/Purch&Other/Adv/HR

19 Telecommunications: Cellular Phones, Pagers, Internet Mkt/CEO/Adv&Purch/HR&Other/PR

19 Utilities: Telephone, Electric, Gas Mkt/HR&Other/Purch&PR/CEO/Adv

21 Manufacturers: Pharmaceutical & Chemical Mkt/Purch/Adv/HR/Other&CEO/PR

22 Retailers & Shopping Malls Mkt/CEO/Adv&Purch/Other/PR&HR

24 Food Processors/Beverage Bottlers Mkt/Purch/CEO/Adv,HR&Other/PR

25 Travel: Air, Cruise, Train, Bus Lines, Agencies CEO/Mkt/Other/Purch/PR/HR&Adv

25 Petroleum: Exploration, Refining, Distributors, Gas Stations Mkt/HR/CEO/Purch&Other/PR/Adv

25 Other Mkt/CEO/Other/Purch/HR/PR/Adv

28 Agriculture/Agribusiness CEO/Mkt/Adv/Purch&HR/PR

29 Apparel: Manufacturers and Retailers CEO/Mkt&Purch/Adv&HR/PR&Other

30 Brewers/Distillers/Distributors of Alcoholic Beverages Mkt//Purch/Adv&PR/CEO/Other

31 Office Products & Supplies Mkt/CEO&Purch/HR/Other


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