The 16 Most Persuasive Words In The English Language - Part 1


Advertisers have known for years that certain words have great psychological impact on us. These words evoke deep feelings, bring back memories and often motivate us to look at things in totally new ways. Often the result is that we decide to try something we have never tried before.

Some of the most successful sales people I know use these same words to add power to their presentations.

Here they are...


1. Discover

This word evokes a feeling of opportunity, and suggests a better life. When you tell your clients that they will discover something, you will evoke the same feelings in them. eg. "Once you own this, you'll discover just how easy life can be."

2. Easy

Everyone wants more simplicity and the ability to do things more easily. If your product or service can make something easier for your prospect, use the word frequently and tell them how you can achieve this for them. It's a word that relaxes, removes apprehension, and something everyone wants more of in their life.

3. Good

Good is not a high-powered word and that's the secret of its success. It evokes stability and security. Consider the phrases, "As good as gold" or "As good as mother used to make" or "The good old days". If some thing is good about your product or service, or it's good for your prospect, use the word and explain how it's good for them.

4. Save

Everyone likes to save. They like to save time, save money, save trouble, save hassles etc. It's a powerful word. If you can save your client something, use this word during your conversations and presentations and demonstrate how you can achieve this. Sometimes saving money can be even better than making money.

5. Guaranteed

One of the greatest fears most people have is the fear of making a mistake or taking a risk. If you can guarantee the results you are presenting, tell your prospect this. It removes the risk and removes the fear. Putting it in writing is even better.

Many companies today know the value of offering a money back guarantee. In marketing circles it's called "Risk Reversal" and buyers love it. Providing a Money Back Guarantee can double or treble the response of a direct marketing campaign.

If you can provide such a guarantee and you are not yet doing it, do it! We have provided just such a guarantee on our seminars, audio CDs and books for more than 30 years now. Do unscrupulous people ever try take advantage of us? Yes sometimes a few do. However I'm convinced that the percentage of extra people who buy from us, because they feel safe as a result of our guarantee, far exceeds the minuscule percentage of people who try to steal from us.

6. Proven

People don't like the idea of being a "crash-test-dummy" for somebody's new idea or product. If your product or service is proven, use that word.

Better still, show them proof that it's a proven product or can produce proven results. Collect testimonial letters from your existing clients and show them to new clients. If there are figures or photographs that you can use to show that something is proven, get them and use them.

7. Money

You knew it would eventually come up didn't you? There is no doubt about it, money is a big motivator. Few people feel they have enough, and most people want more of it. If your product or service can save or make your prospect more money, tell them how it does this. If you can calculate how just much extra money can be made or saved over the life of the product, tell your prospect what this is.

This is called "cost justification". Compare the amount of money they will invest to have the product, with how much extra it will make or save them. In this way you'll be showing your prospect that your product will pay for itself, and then go on returning extra money on what they initially invested.

8. Safe

Safety is important to everyone. Whether it's a safe decision, investment etc; or a product that is safe to use or provides extra safety for it's owner, we feel secure and "safe" when we hear that word.

If we feel something is safe, we feel we can trust the product, service, person or company. It's a powerful word. Use it often if it applies to your situation, product or service.

That's the first 8 on my list. I'll share the other 8 with you in the next article. Until we speak again...

Have a great week this week. Make it a great week!

Wayne Berry CSP*


Wayne Berry CSP* is Australia's own TOP GUN Business Sales Coach and most in-demand speaker on sales, negotiating and Sales Management Training. He is ranked in the top 7% of professional speakers in the world by the USA based National Speakers Association. He is a best selling author and one of Australia's best...

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