Is Your PR Firm Right For You?

Effective public relations are a key component for the success of most business. It’s important that you choose a public relations company that you can trust to guide your company’s communications towards realistic goals, while focusing on the specific issues your organization faces.

Successful public relations firm comes from a successful partnership between your public relations firm and you. Your input will guide the public relations firm. Generally, the public relations firm will be provide your company with media relation’s advice, provide publicity services, and brainstorm for ideas. It will still be up to your company to provide the public relations firm with complete and updated information and approve the proposals of your public relations team.

Here are 7 ways to tell if your PR firm is right for you:

  1. Has the company worked with businesses in similar situations as yours or with others in the same industry? The more related the PR firms experience is to your own requirements, the more likely they are to understand the specific strategies needed to meat your needs.
  2. Does the public relations firm take the time to understand your business and your specific public relations needs? Can they explain in detail what kinds of support they can provide your company for your PR campaing? What about in the event of a crisis?
  3. Is the company experienced with handling requests from the media and communications? Do they have evidence to demonstrate their abilities? PR professionals should be experts at dealing with reporters and journalists and be able to train you to do the same.
  4. Do they actually have the ability to reach out to editors and individuals in your target market? Some public relations firms specialize in one specific area.
  5. A dedicated public relations firm will present proposals that will work for your industry. They are not afraid to listen to your advice about what, will and will not work in your market, and understand that you know your business better than anyone.
  6. Although a dedicated public relations agency should listen to your needs, they will not be afraid to disagree with you. Public relations firms understand the ins and outs of communications and media relations and should advice you accordingly.
  7. The best public relations firms will clearly define tangible goals in their contract, they’ll avoid vague language, and they’ll report the results of the campaign honestly.


Wes Upchurch is the founder of an online public relations company specializing in social media marketing and press release distribution.

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