Staffing needs in the Holiday Rush

Sure, a good POS is supposed to provide reports and good inventory tracking, but one of the additional benefits is the ability to operate more efficiently, meaning you don't necessarily need to increase your staffing levels during the holidays, or at least not as much as in the past.

A good point of sale will help you make sure you have the right inventory in stock, in the right quantities.

A good point of sale will make it easier for employees to do their jobs, increasing efficiency

A good point of sale will reduce transaction times, increasing throughput and improving customer service

A good point of sale will include reports to help you predict your busiest and slowest times, allowing you to adjust staffing appropriately

A good point of sale will help reduce the stress of the holidays and help you maintain your precious margins in these competitive times.

Don't be left out this year, make sure your POS is up to date and ready for the rush.


Will Atkinson has spent his entire career dealing directly with small retailers to solve their technology problems, especially point of sale and inventory control issues. Will manages CAP Software, a specialty POS software company dedicated to providing the finest in retail POS applications for small and medium retailers. Learn more about CAP at or contact me at His expertise extends to customer service issues, usability and workflow properties, and other re...

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