Great Leaders Know How to "ACE" It!

Over the last decade, I have had the opportunity to work with and lead some amazing people. Whether it was in the Army, Department of Defense or the Non- Profit organizations that I have been a part of, I have learned a common thread to getting the most out of my teams.

For the most part, I haven't met too many people that don't want to to a good job at work. Giving your best has to be an individual desire, but I think leaders can help out tremendously in motivating their teams to come to work ready to give their best every day. I have used the ACE Principle over the years with much success and I have seen the results in the lives of my team members.

They are excited about coming to work, they look forward to accomplishing the mission and they easily buy into the overall vision. If you want your team to give you the best effort, implement the ACE Principle and see how they respond.

The ACE Principle is a three part process that will change the culture of your company or organization. The first principle is APPRECIATE every team player. I mean from the Door Man to the Top Executive. Every person wants to know that their contribution to the team matters. As a leader you need to recognize this and ensure that everyone is APPRECIATED. It doesn't take much to make this very important acknowledgement. Whether you mention a person's name in a meeting, company newsletter, or placing a small card on their desk, APPRECIATION goes far.

The next principle is CHALLENGE the team. I think people enjoy a good challenge in a controlled environment. What I mean by this is that you push your team to go the extra mile. Take some risk. The daily routine can become mundane and individuals can loose focus. When I worked in banking, each week we were giving a weekly challenge, this kept us alert and ready to perform at a high level. Challenge your team to always do better, never be satisfied with the status qua. Doing this will keep your team in an innovative zone.

The last principle is to EQUIP your team with the best information, technology and people resources. Even if you are a smaller company, do every thing you can to give your team the best. Acknowledge that you know they may not have the best at the present, but you are aware and APPRECIATE that they are making it work. But when possible, EQUIP your team with the best. Bring in the best trainers, expose them to the latest information in your industry. Making this type of investment in your team will show them you value them and respect their professionalism.

When you implement the ACE Principle into your leadership and spread it throughout your company or organization, you will see the positive results.


Dr. Will is founder of Will Moreland International and author of the critically acclaimed book Genius Potential. He is also author of 10 other books that range from finances to relationships. Known as one of America's leading Leadership and Lifestyle Experts. Thousands follow Dr. Will's wisdom from around the world, following him on Facebook, Twitter and attending his live events. Dr. Will helps individuals navigate a better life, allowing them to grow their personal leadership and Live In Vict...

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