How Is Your Insight ?

What are some of the key traits you deem valuable to a leader? Vision, character, trust, love and influence are some of the things that come to my mind. But one of the most valuable tools in my tool box is INSIGHT.

Insight by definition is the immediate understanding of the significance of an event or action. Developing this all important trait will prove to be invaluable on your leadership journey.

Everyday we are faced with challenges, obstacles, test, trials or whatever you want to call them. Being able to understand what happen, why it happened and how it happen is essential to successful leadership.

The quicker you are at utilizing insight, the faster you can put a plan in action or know your next movement. Now, let me put a marker right here. When I say understand why something happened, I am not talking about always knowing the reason, some thinks we cannot explain. But gather all the information you can and use your insight to make the correct decisions.

I don’t only rely on my personal insight; I have a league of mentors, counselors and advisors I tap into as well. Especially when a situation that I have not personally dealt with arises, I without hesitation call upon others. They help me chart a course for my next move.

I have learned that one size does not fit all in my leadership journey. So, I have learned to rely on insight to make critical decisions. Some times I hear leaders say it’s “Black and White” no gray areas. But in reality, there are gray areas. Two people can do the exact same thing, but for totally different reasons.

Employing insight will allow you to make the right call. Let’s say for example, two employees are late for work. One was late because they over slept, the other because they had a flat tire. Should both receive repercussions, should only one? Insight gives you the ability to make these tough choices.

If you are just starting or developing in your leadership journey, surround yourself with people that have great insight, don’t go it alone.

Insight has served me well, and I am sure it will be a great companion for you as well.


Dr. Will is founder of Will Moreland International and author of the critically acclaimed book Genius Potential. He is also author of 10 other books that range from finances to relationships. Known as one of America's leading Leadership and Lifestyle Experts. Thousands follow Dr. Will's wisdom from around the world, following him on Facebook, Twitter and attending his live events. Dr. Will helps individuals navigate a better life, allowing them to grow their personal leadership and Live In Vict...

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